Barcelona and Espanyol ( 2-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Barcelona, who beat Espanyol in the 29th round of the Primera Liga, finished the Catalonia derby And beat him 2-0 to raise Barcelona to its points to 69 points, reinforcing his position at the top of the standings and approached a new risk of the title, in contrast, Espanyol are stuck at 34 points in 14th place in the standings.

ملخص مباراة بـرشـلـو نـة واسـبـا نـيـول 2-0 I هدفين مـيــسـي

Espanyol threatened Barcelona's goal in the eighth minute with Melindo's header, but it made it easy for Terre Stegen. In the 21st minute, Barcelona tried a very dangerous shot from Croatian striker Ivan Rakicich's shot past the right-hand keeper. In the 23rd minute, Alba beat Suarez, In the goal but went high.

In the 31st minute, Lionel Messi raised the ball from the right, hit by a defender Espanyol, and almost doubled goalkeeper Diego Lopez, who saved his goal from the goal of the investigator, and in the 38th minute was a serious attempt to Espanyol, when Yidrosa pass a ball on the left Sanchez, She has Borja to turn her into the goal from the bottom of the penalty area, but Lunglet is ahead of him.

In the 41st minute, Busquets sent a cross from the left of the arc to hit the defense and the ball went to Messi in the left of the area. Then he sent a shot to a goal from Lopez's left. The first half ended with a 0-0 draw, Who dominated the ball, and had some serious attempts.

In the second half, Valverde introduced Roberto Roberto and Malcolm in place of Arthur and Simedo, and shortly after he entered, Malcolm almost put Barcelona ahead in a dangerous attempt after a Coutinho pass. Lopez, however, took the lead. In the 71st minute, Espanyol pulled it off with his head, but he put it into the goal by mistake.

And then Arturo Vidal instead of Philippe Coutinho, Barcelona scored the second goal in the 89th minute, from the counter-attack ideal, where the ball reached Malcolm on the left to launch very quickly, and then played to Lionel Messi inside the penalty area, the Argentine star brilliantly placed in a big goal Goalkeeper Diego Lopez, to lead Barcelona to a new victory boosted by the lead.