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Salah leads Liverpool to qualify and exclude Naples from the Champions League

Liverpool qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League after a deserved victory over Napoli in the last round of the group stage, with Liverpool advancing to 9 points in second place in Group C with the same Naples. , But Liverpool qualified thanks to goals scored in the group.

ملخص مباراة ليـ,ـفربـ ـول ونـ,ـابـ ـولى 1-0 🔥 تألق المدمر صـ,ـلاح

The start of the first half of the game was strong and quick by Napoli, who tried to kidnap early accounts of the Reds but without real danger on both goals amid the siege of the game on the average pitch, while the minute "6" the first real opportunity for Liverpool after a cross from Robertson to Salah but the ball extended from the latter very strangely.

Mertins passed a cross from the right side and reached Hamsik who shot the ball just above the goal. Liverpool scored the goal by Sadio Mani after a cross from Arnold, but the referee canceled the goal for the break in the 22nd minute, and then Mohammed Salah passed the ball to Ferminho who A shot from inside the box hit the Albiol defender.

Henderson fired a shot from outside the penalty area but was just outside the pass in the 31th minute. Liverpool scored the lead with a pass from Menelar before he stepped past Coulibaly and put the ball into the net in the 34th minute. From both sides but without danger, to end the first half with a 1-0 lead.

In the second half of the game, Liverpool almost add a second goal through Mohamed Salah, using a pass before the ball from inside the penalty area but near the post shortly after the "50", Salah fired a ball from outside the penalty area hit the defense, and then sent Calejon had a dangerous cross that Robertson had to take to a corner in the 56th minute.

Van Dyck fired a powerful shot from outside the box but just outside the goal, Henderson fired a shot from outside the penalty area but the goalkeeper came up, and then Fabian Ruiz came out and Zilensky replaced him in the 61st minute, Minler shot from inside the penalty area but next to the goal A little later, Mertens came out and replaced Mellick in the 67th minute.

Mario Roi and Fawzi Gholam came from Napoli. Napoli almost equalized after a cross from Caligón on the right, but Van Dyck put them away in the 70th minute. Salah almost scored a second goal after a ball from Mani before the goalkeeper dodged and put the ball But Ospina kept coming back in the 74th minute.

Liverpool almost scored a second goal after a cross from Robertson to Mani who shot the ball but the keeper kept it in the "77" minute, Napoli missed an opportunity to score a goal after a cross from Encini arrived at Calyjon, who put the ball over the passage oddly in the "78" Then Ferminho went out and replaced Nabi Keita by Liverpool in the first switch.

In the 85th minute, James Minler came out and entered Fabinho. Salah passed the crossbar to Manny, who curled around it in the 88th minute. Arnold then went in for Lofrin in the 90th minute. "90 + 2" But Alison further away the ball, Mani wasted a strangely realized goal, to finish 1-0 for Liverpool.