"FC Barcelona" vs "Espanyol" ( 4-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Messi leads Barcelona to sweep Espanyol and singled out the lead

Barcelona scored a great win at the expense of Espanyol in the derby at the meeting of the "Power 8" 4-0, in the fifteenth round of the Spanish Liga, to raise Barcelona to 31 points in the lead and 3 points from Seville And Atletico, while Espanyol are at 21 points in ninth place.

ملخص مبارة برشـ۔ـلۄنة واسبـ۔ـانيۄل 4−0 - تألق وثنائية مېسى العالمية

The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams amid the lack of play in the middle of the field with the advantage of Barcelona in terms of control and acquisition, while the minute "8" the first opportunity in the game for Espanyol after a counterattack ended with a cross-pass arrived in Borja Iglesias, He shot the ball wide.

Simedo then sent a cross from inside the penalty area away from the defender before reaching Vidal, then Barcelona scored the lead through Lionel Messi with a superb free-kick free kick in the 17th minute. Messi then passed the ball to Suarez but Lopez was And Borja Iglesias stepped up a cross with a header just behind the goal.

Barcelona scored a second goal through (Osman Dembili) after a pass from Messi before firing the ball brilliantly from the inside of the penalty area in the minute "26", and then turned the player Espanyol cross with a header but Terje Stegen twice on it, and then Suarez almost Scoring a third goal after a ball from Messi around Suarez but in the left-hand post.

Barcelona were able to score a third goal after a ball by Rakejic with a header in the crossbar followed by Messi hit the post in the 37th minute. Perez's header went just above the goal in the 41st minute. Luis Suarez scored a third goal for Barcelona after a pass from Dembeli Before putting the ball under the feet of Lopez, to end the first half with a 3-0 lead.

In the second half of the game, Espanyol entered the force in an attempt to reduce the difference early but the defenses of Barcelona were in the lookout, and in the "55" Suarez shot a free-kick but directly in the defensive merit, and then passed Dembili ball to Messi who shot the ball from within the area But Lopez put the ball away in the 57th minute.

Perez fired a ball from the edge of the penalty area but was easy on the back of goalkeeper Terje Steigen. Barcelona scored a fourth goal through Lionel Messi after a free-kick shot from Lopez in the 66th minute. The minute "68", Coutinho was able to score a fifth goal but Lopez got the ball.

Espanyol scored the goal to reduce the difference by Duarte but was canceled after the use of video technology in the minute "74", and then Suarez and entered Mounir Al-Hadadi in the minute "79", and then Sanchez up for a cross, but over the goal in the "81" Denis Suarez entered the game with minutes to end the match 4-0 in favor of the Barça.