England vs Croatia ( 2-1 ) Match HighLights UEFA

England qualify for the final of the Nations League with a dramatic win over Croatia

England qualified for the final stage of the European Nations League after a dramatic and precious victory this evening at home to the Croatian team at the expense of the sixth round match held at the stadium and Limpele 2-1.

ملخص مباراة اڼــجلٺړا وكــړواٺېا 2-1 - ريمونتادا ناارية وهدف قاتل

England have raised their points to seven points to snatch the qualification group leader of the fourth group with the Portuguese team leaders Group C, while Spain come second with 6 points and Croatia third with 4 points to drop to the second level.

The first half saw a lot of missed opportunities on both sides, especially by Harry Keane, Rahim Sterling and Ross Barclay from the home side, and Ante Repic and Ivan Pericic's attempts on the Croatian side but without success.

The Croatian team opened the scoring in the 57th minute after a ball reached Andrei Karamaric in the area to be guided by the German striker Hoffenheim more than once manipulative defense of the English, and then shot Jordan Beckford's goal successfully.

The Englishman managed to score the equalizer in the 78th minute after a volley from the right-hand volley from Joe Gomez reached the second post for Keane, who tried to put it in the net to hit the Linger on the line and then follow it into the net.

The three Blacks managed to score the winning goal in the 85th minute, after a perfect ball from a left-footed kick to the left and goalie Harry Kane on the far post in the net, ending the match with a 2-1 victory over England.