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A disaster in Real Madrid "sterile" .. Alves breaking into the forefront

Real Madrid were beaten by Deportivo Alves in the last eight minutes at the Mendezurutza stadium in the eighth round of the Spanish league.

ملخص مباراة ريال مدريد والافيس 0-1 - سقوط الملكى فى الدقيقة +95 - الملكي يسثمر في نزيف النقاط - تعليق حسن العيدروس!

The Osman team continued their offensive offensive deficit, reaching 409 consecutive minutes without goals, the second longest series of sterility in the history of the club, after the series 1984/85 season during which the team failed to register 496 minutes.

Real Madrid coach Julien Lopegeti has recovered his star Gareth Bell in the offensive and has abandoned Marco Asencio and kept him on the bench.

Real Madrid, who needed to know the net, began the game strongly, and threatened the goal of the owners twice in the first ten minutes by Danny Spaios and Karim Benzema, before the decline of the capital for the rest of the events of the game.

Mariano went in between two games instead of Benzema, followed by Marco Asencio and Vincius Jr. in later times of the second half, without making much difference.

Madrid spent most of the second half without real chances, before the lightning strike in the fifth minute of time calculated rather than lost.

A corner kick for Deportivo Alves, and Real Madrid players who thought their worst nightmare would be not to score, woke up to Mano Garcia's header, which shook the net of Tibo Cortua, grabbing points for the entire match for the hosts.

Alaves have a 14-point lead in equal measure with Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​while Real Madrid missed the opportunity to score the lead temporarily, and continued their negative results by failing to win the fourth game in the second and third in the league.

Real Madrid drops the knockout in front of Alaves in the Spanish league .. Video

MADRID (Reuters) - Real Madrid lost to Deportivo Alaves 1-0 in a 1-1 draw at the Mendezuroza stadium on Saturday.

Manuel Garcia scored the winner for Deportivo Alaves in the 95th minute with a header, taking advantage of goalkeeper Tippo Cortua's exit.

The Real Madrid players failed to shake the net during the match, as most of the team's players appeared to be out of reach.

With this result, Real Madrid have stopped at point 14 in second place on the same level as Barca, which is expected to face a strong confrontation tomorrow with Valencia, while raising the number of Alaves to point

Deportivo Alaves deepens Real Madrid's injury at the last minute

The Royal Club is down with a surprise loss to Deportivo Alaves

MADRID (Reuters) - Real Madrid suffered a surprise defeat at home to Deportivo Alaves with a 1-0 home win over Mendezuroza in the eighth week of the Spanish league.

The loss is the second in the Spanish league after a draw in the Spanish derby against Atletico Madrid in the last round and the loss before Sevilla before.

This is the third consecutive game in which Real have failed to win the Spanish league and fourth in various competitions after falling to CSKA Moscow with a surprise defeat in the Champions League a few days ago.

Coach Lopetti began the match by relying on Belgian goalkeeper Thibo Quartoa as goalkeeper, and also began with Karim Benzema and Gareth Bell in the lead before replacing them with Marco Ascencio and newcomer Vincentius Junior in the second half.

The fans of the Royal Club eagerly awaited the vision of their young Brazilian player Vincius Jr., but the same as the rest of the players did not provide the desired level of the night.

The manager also tried to correct the situation and increase the offensive cards of the team on the pitch by pushing Marco Ascencio at the expense of Kasimiro but the defense of the owners of the ground was on the lookout.

The match also saw the participation of the best player in the Croatian world Luka Modric throughout the game but was unable to provide the addition to his teammates.

In the final minutes of the match, Manuel Garcia managed to score the only goal in the 95th minute and gave Alaves three precious points and deepened the wounds of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid have 14 points from eight games, with Deportivo Alaves equal in the number of points after winning the win, which jumped to third place on the Liga table behind the club on goal difference only.

Real Madrid receive a fatal defeat to Alaves in the Spanish league

Real Madrid fell into the trap of defeat after a 1-0 defeat to Deportivo Alaves on Saturday in the eighth round of the Spanish league.

Mano Garcia scored the only goal in the 95th minute.

The Madrid giants failed to win the third round in a row, losing their second win of the season to 14 points, while Alaves drew the same number of points, with Real and Barcelona dominating the top of the table.

In the fifth minute of stoppage time, Tibo Cortua made the mistake of heading for a corner kick to head Mano Garcia to score in the net. The home side won a valuable victory at a time of injury, while Real continued to drown in a series of negative results.

Real Madrid's goal-scoring suffering reaches its peak .. 4 matches without registration!

The Real Madrid side continued to suffer from a shock 1-0 defeat at Deportivo Alaves.
The first half between the two teams ended with a goalless draw on both sides, and the Spanish capital's lack of goals for Cristiano Ronaldo, who left for Juventus last summer,

This was not expected, especially since Loos Blancus did not replace Ronaldo with a player of the same quality, scorer and sniper. He has similar goals like Harry Kin or Edison Cavani, but I think the most pessimistic in the White camp was not expected to pass 4 matches Without the Real Madrid scoring any goal!

Real Madrid have failed to score in four consecutive games in all competitions for the first time since April 1985 when they failed to score any goal in five consecutive meetings.

The Spanish giants have been relegated to a 2-1 win at Athletic Bilbao at San Mames in the fourth and second round of the Spanish derby against Atletico at the Santiago Bernabeu in the seventh stage.

Real Madrid also suffered a resounding loss in Sevilla with three without a reply. In the Champions League, CSKA Moscow lost to CSKA Moscow 1-0.

Deportivo Alaves deepens the wounds of Real Madrid

Real Madrid suffered a severe loss by Deportivo Alavis with a free-kick goal in the eighth round of the Primera Liga.

The only goal of the game was won by Manuel Garcia.

Deportivo Alaves scored 14 points, finishing third in the league table, away from second-placed Real Madrid.

Real took control in the first half, but his chances were not fierce enough against Alaves goalkeeper Fernando Pacheco.

The royal threatened his opponent with weak shots and headers for Benzema, Dani Seibaios and Nancho. The owners were not in the first 45 minutes.

The only threat to Belgian goalkeeper Typo Cortois was a cross from Johnny Abe's right-footed corner from the left, but Rafael Faran took it off the line to save his side from a dangerous chance.

Real coach Julien Lopegeti began the second half with an offensive modification by involving Mariano Diaz, Benzema's place, to activate the front line.

Diaz lost a dangerous chance because of his patronage and review of the Alvis defender. Ebay Gomez almost beat the Meringhi before Tunisia stepped in to break the ball and save the situation. Ruben Duarte fired a powerful ball away from Tibo Cortua and another stray attempt by Mubarak and Akasu.

Lopetti took the chance to hit Alaves's window, pushing Marcio Asencio to Casimiro, and Gareth Bell fired a high ball over the crossbar.

Abelardo coach Alfavis and Robin Soprano and Mano Garcia place Ebay Gomez and Waxo, and left wing Johnny to shake Real Madrid, where he missed the most dangerous chances of the meeting in private with the goal, pushing the ball near the left post, and responded Gareth Bell with a strong free kick, but it I went in the arms of Pacheco keeper Alaves.

Ten minutes before the end of the game, Lopegeti threw his last leg on the bench with Venisos Junior taking Bill's place. Martin Agrigapria played Guillermo Maribane in an attempt by coach Alaves to waste time, while Johnny continued to threaten the goal of the giant Almadredi with a high shot from the crossbar this time.

In the fifth minute of stoppage time, Tibo Cortua made the mistake of heading for a corner kick to head Mano Garcia to score in the net. The home side won a valuable win at a time of injury, while Real continued to sink into a series of negative results.

A Wonderful Man - A Disappointed Man Deportivo Alves Real Madrid

Wonderful man and another disappointing and a new defeat for Real Madrid

A new fall for Real Madrid in the Spanish league, and a complete refusal to move away even temporarily to the top of the Spanish league and put pressure on Barcelona, ​​the loss of Deportivo Alves.

Real lost to the second game in a row, the first in the first seconds and the second in the last seconds, both European and local.

Here's a wonderful guy and another disappointing and a new defeat for Real Madrid.

A Wonderful Man - Guillermo Mariban

The defender defended his team from an early goal in the eighth minute. The team kept the ball clean for the last 90 minutes, although in the final minutes of the match, he saw the goal of a deadly win against Real and a historic win for Alaves that may not be repeated.

Beat the aerobic contours twice, and draw the ball from the opponent 3 times 100%.

A Disappointing Man - Julien Lobetige

Is this the Real Madrid we know with Zinedine Zidane, whether Real Madrid is affected by the absence of Ronaldo offensive, despite the wonderful start made by the team.

Real Madrid for the fourth consecutive game fails to score goals, and receives the third defeat in the last 4 games, is the beginning of the end of this generation, which has achieved all titles and was a terrible for the old continent in 3 years, in front of Lopegeti the opportunity to stop the international Real Madrid and agreed on his feet before the Clasico .