'Real Madrid' and 'Melilla' ( 4-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Copa del Rey

Real beat Melilla with minimal effort in Solari's first game

Real Madrid scored a great win at the expense of Deportivo Melilla in the evening at the Municipal Stadium of Alvarez Claro, 4-0, in the first round of the 32nd King's Cup, putting the Royal forward and a half in the 16th round of the tournament , Waiting for the return leg to be held at Santiago Bernabeu on 5 December.

ملخص مباراه ريــال مــدريــد ومـليــليــة 4-0 - تألق بــنزيــما - عودة الملكى بعد كارثة الكامب نو - كــأس الــملك

The start of the first half was very good from the side of Melilla, the owner of the ground and the audience who entered the meeting looking for Real Madrid and the kidnapping of an early goal, where Melilla sent a cross from the left side in the minute "2" passed next to the post, and then replied Real Madrid through Venecius Junior who sent a cross around Asencio between the keeper's arms.

 Melilla scored the goal after a ball reached Martinez, who entered the penalty area and fired a shot past the keeper in the 8 minute. Odruizola entered the penalty area and sent a cross but the defense kept it in the 17th minute. Karim Benzema fired a ball from inside the penalty area But in the guns, Vázquez fired a brilliant ball that hit the defender and the goalkeeper brilliantly.

In the 27th minute, Real scored the goal by Karim Benzema after a ball that reached Oderoyozola, who entered the penalty area and sent a crossbar around Benzema in the net. Real Madrid missed a goal after a ball that reached Vincius, who passed a pass to Vasquez The ball sped past the keeper in the 38th minute, and Vasquez missed another chance.

Udreuzola passed the ball to Vázquez, who entered the penalty area and shot the ball but the goalkeeper kept it out of the way, Vincius fired a shot from inside the penalty area but it was far from the goal. Real Madrid scored a second goal through Marco Ascencio after a ball arrived at Venecius, In the net, to end the first half with the progress of Real Madrid 2-0.

In the second half of the match, Karim Benzema and Sergio Ramos came out and entered the Valverde and Nacho Fernandez, the team almost Melilla to score the first goal after a cross from the right side passed before the player Melilla and then the defense to a corner in the 54th minute, Real Madrid almost scored A third goal after a pass from Venecius to Llorente, who shot the ball to the keeper.

Real Madrid almost scored a third goal after firing a superb shot from inside the penalty area but in the crossbar in the 71 minute, Melilla wasted a goal after a shot from inside the penalty area but next to the post shortly, Real Madrid missed the goal of the investigator after a ball arrived in Oderoyozola He passed the ball to Asencio, who shot the ball so strangely away the keeper.

Real Madrid scored a third goal through Alvaro Oderoyozola after a cross from Regalion and a defensive bar in front of the goal to follow Alvaro into the net in the 79th minute, Venecius entered the penalty area and shot a shot in the defense and then to the corner next to the goal, , And then Real Madrid scored a fourth goal through (Christo) after a cross from Oderwozla Christo around the header, and then ended the match 4-0.