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Paris St Germain go from losing to Napoli

 Paris Saint-Germain lost to Napoli in the evening meeting on the grounds of the Parque de la Princes and ended with a 2-2 draw in the third group stage of the Champions League.

ملخص مباراه بــاريس ســان جــيرمـان ونــابــولي 2-2 - مباراه مجنونة - ابطال اوروبـ ـا

ملخص بــاريس ســان جيــرمــان ونــابــولى 2-2 - مباراة نارية المنقذ ديمــاريا

Napoli moved up to five points in Group C, while St Germain climbed 4 points to second, Liverpool lead the group with six points and Red Star fourth with a point.

Napoli scored the goal by Lorenzo Encini in the 29th minute, after a right-hand volley led to Encini, who put the ball brilliantly over the keeper and ended the first half with Napoli advancing 1-0.

In the 61st minute, St Germain scored the equalizer for Mario Rui and in the 77th minute Napoli scored a second goal with Derris Mertens with a shot from inside the box.

In the 90th minute, St Germain managed to score the equalizer from Angel de Maria after receiving the ball on the edge of the penalty area and then firing it in a superb way.