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Liverpool sweep the red star in the Champions League

Liverpool scored a great win on Saturday at the expense of Sevilla Zvezda (Red Star) Serbian, 4-0, In the third round of the group stage of the Champions League at Anfield.

ملخص مباراة ليــفربــول والنــجم الاحــمر 4-0 - ثنائية صــلاح - 24-10-2018

Liverpool have 6 points in Group C, while Servina are fourth with four points. Napoli have seven points, while Saint-Germain are fourth on 3.

Liverpool managed to score the goal by Roberto Ferminho in the 20th minute after a ball reached Robertson on the right side before sending a cross that reached Ferminho.

In the second minute, Liverpool scored a second goal from Mohammed Salah after a great pass from Shakiri and reached Salah inside the penalty area to seal the ball into the net, ending the first half with Liverpool advancing 2-0.

In the second half of the game, Liverpool scored a third goal through (Mohamed Salah) penalty penalty obtained by Manny in the minute "51", and in the "80" scored Liverpool fourth goal through (Sadio Mani) to end the meeting 4-0.