'Liverpool' and 'Cardiff City' ( 4-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Liverpool train runs over Cardiff City in the Premier League

Liverpool scored a great win at the expense of Cardiff City in the evening meeting at Anfield 4-1 in the tenth round of the English Premier League, Liverpool move up to 26 points at the top of the standings, 3 points away from Man City, while Cardiff have 5 points in 18th place.

ملخص مباراة ليــفربـول وكــارديــف ســيتى 4-1 - صــلاح يُسجل ويصنع هدفين

The first half of the game was relatively calm between the two teams amid a preference for Liverpool in terms of control and possession of the ball, and in the minute "10" Liverpool scored the goal of progress after a cross and then shot from Mani and Vinaldom before the defense and then followed by (Mohammed Salah) In the net, to continue after the attempts and preference of the Liverpool team.

In the 13th minute, Mohammed Salah sent a cross with a header but the ball hit the post and then the keeper grabbed it. The Cardiff then came out of front of Salah and pushed the ball away. Salah asked for a penalty after falling inside the penalty area. Alongside Cardiff City who failed to threaten Allison's goal.

Ferminho fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area but was off the mark in the 41st minute. Liverpool almost scored a second goal in the 45th minute after a cross from Moreno inside the penalty area reached Adam Lalana, The goal was settled, and then the first half ended with a 1-0 win over Liverpool.

In the second half of the game, Cardiff City scored the equalizer, but the referee canceled the offense in the 52nd minute, and then Moreno asked for a penalty after a cross that hit the defender in the 59th minute, and then the Liverpool coach to replace the first with the exit of Adam Lalana In the 61st minute, Shakeri came in, and both teams continued their attempts.

In the 66th minute, Liverpool scored a second goal through Sadio Mani, who fired a great shot from the penalty area. Ferminho then took the place and Minler took the lead. In the 77th minute, Cardiff scored the first goal through Calum Patterson after a ball A cross from Holbitt hit Van Dyck and reached Calum who turned the ball over goalkeeper Allison.

Minler fired a powerful shot from the penalty line but hit the defender. Arnold then shot the ball from outside the area and hit the ball. The defender scored a third goal through Sheridan Shakiri, using a pass from Salah before spilling into the area. Penalty before sending the ball into the net in the 84th minute.

In the 87th minute, Liverpool scored a fourth goal through Sadio Mani, taking advantage of a pass from Salah before putting Mani in a superb way above the keeper and ending with Liverpool 4-1.