'Esperance' and 'Primero de Augusto' ( 4-2 ) 🏆 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 CAF

Esperance Tunisia reach the African Champions League final after a crazy match

Esperance beat Tunisia's Premiro de Augusto 4-2 in the semi-final to reach the final of the African Champions League with a 4-3 win.

ملخص الترجي وبيريميرو اوجوستو 4-2 جنوون عصام الشوالي-ريمونتادة الترجي فالنهااائي

The visitors opened the scoring in the eighth minute of the match with striker Geraldo, and in the 16th minute the home side managed to score the equalizer through a penalty by Youssef Blaile.

Esperance took the lead in the 27th minute, after a shot from Anis Al Badri from the left. The center of the defense, Mohamed Ali El Yacoubi, headed with a superb header in the net after a great confusion in the defense of the Angolan team after the corner kick.

In the second half, Primera equalized with Congolese defender Mungo Bokamba in the 64th minute. Esperance scored the third goal in the 73rd minute, after a cross from the left side of Sameh Al Derbali was met by Haitham Al-Juwaini in the goal.

Esperance scored the fourth goal, or the goal of qualification, in the 85th minute, after a long ball lifted by goalkeeper Rami al-Geridi, met by Haitham Al-Juwaini on the borders of the area with a header, to Anaha to Badri, who scored the goal brilliantly.