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A 96th minute goal gives Chelsea a valuable point from Man United

Chelsea draw with Manchester United in the 96 minute The game ended in a 2-2 draw at the opening meeting of the Premier League at Stamford Bridge in London.

ملخص مباراة تــشيلــسى ومـانشــستر يــونايــتد 2-2 - مباراة مجنوونة جدا وهدف قاتل

With that result, Manchester United remain at Stamford Bridge, where they have not won since October 2012 when they won 3/2 before the legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

Manchester United striker Anthony Marcial scored the equalizer in the 55th minute and returned to score the second goal in the 73rd minute. Barclay equalized for the Blues in the 96th minute.

Chelsea began the match against Manchester United with the following form: goalkeeper Kiba, Alonso, Luiz, Rodiger, Azbilekwita, Kovacic, Giorgione, Nigolo Canti, Hazard, Murata and Willian.

While Manchester United played the game with the formation of the following: De Chia, Goalkeeper, Young, Lindelov, Smaling, Shao, Mata, Matic, Bogba, Rushford, Lucaco, Marciel.

With that result Manchester United rise to seventh place with 14 points, Chelsea leads the lead temporarily with 21 points, followed by Manchester City and Liverpool with 20 points, where he will meet with Burnley and the second against Huddersfield this evening.

Chelsea and Manchester United goals in the English Premier League (2-2)

Chelsea managed to draw a two-goal equalizer with a last-minute encounter against Manchester United on Saturday in the ninth round of the English Premier League.

The hosts made it 2-0 in the 21st minute by Antonio Rodiger, before the Red Devils returned with two goals from Anthony Marcial in the 55th and 73rd minutes.

By the end of the 96th minute, Ross Barclay knows a draw for the hosts, with a killer goal.

With that result, Chelsea top the table with 21 points, a point behind Manchester City, who have a game against Burnley, while Manchester United are in eighth place with 14 points.

Analysis Chelsea and Manchester United - to kill you with your fear and save you a last shot of courage

Manchester United tied Chelsea 2-1 in the ninth round of the Premier League at Stamford Bridge.

Manchester United scored a 2-2 draw against Chelsea in the ninth round of the English Premier League.

The match saw a crazy scenario after the Blues progressed with a goal and then upset the guests to score twice in the second half and then Chelsea tied at the last minute.

It is true that the formation on paper showed both Marshal and Rashford on the wings but at the time the two did not advance to the attack except in certain cases.

Jose Mourinho preferred to start the match with a defensive block and closed space for a team of serious Chelsea at home and in the crowd.

The defensive block seemed to be the right answer with the first minutes of the match, which saw failed attempts to break through that defensive fort by the Chelsea star.

However, that combination proved to be a failure when Rodigar scored the first goal of the Blues from a corner and the apparent mismanagement of Manchester United.

During the first half of the match, Belgian star Romillo Lucaco disappeared, although he was the only opportunity for Manchester United with a bad header that went past the post without danger.

Lukaku touched the ball only 9 times throughout the first half as less than in the meeting field, and in the second half that number reached

Despite the heart of Manchester United's result, the Belgian tank had no clear role in turning the three points towards Manchester instead of the capital London.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly told Dahir Luc Shao and Ashley Young not to make their defense overtures.

Mourinho's insistence on keeping the duo in the defense is logical and has clear reasons why the two sides of the defense will not face the danger of Willian and Howard alone without help.

But as the duo was in their place, Manchester United suffered many damages, most notably the clear message that gave the Chelsea backers the freedom to advance and penetrate the depth of the defensive guests, and we saw Marcus Alonso threatening the goal in more than one ball almost one of them turned into a goal.

In the second half of the game, things turned upside down, not for substitutions by Mourinho but for a simple tactical change that took place on the pitch in his instructions to his team's stars.

Mourinho decided to give the pair Rachford and Marciel more offensive freedom to lead the counter-attacks and to organize attempts against the owners of the ground.

After the first half things were very random and Mata and Bujba were in the process of building the attacks and found support in the second half by the two parties.

The team scored through Marciel and then the player added another goal, and Manchester United became a form of attack on the pitch and finally about an hour after the start of the meeting.

Let's not let the result of the meeting affect the basic rule of Jose Mourinho's performance in today's game, which began with the worst form possible for a team the size of Manchester United.

Mourinho wanted insurance, then insurance and then insurance, and then nothing else. The Portuguese coach did not even try to attack and left Lucco alone in the middle of the blues defense without any real offensive supplies.

Mourinho's defensive fears and attempts to secure him did not mean anything in front of an individual error in the control of Paul Bojba for Chelsea's goal by Antonio Rodigar, and did not mean anything against the repeated mistakes of Ashley Young and Luke Shao, which almost became targets.

Mourinho almost handed the game to the owners of the ground had not changed his way of thinking in the second half and give him the freedom of offensive to some of his stars forced because of the delay in the result.

So it seems as if he did not discuss with his stars the possibility of receiving a goal in the first half and how to deal with the situation they began to insist on the defense until the last minute of the half and did not show them any reaction until giving them different instructions before the start of the second half.

A Wonderful Man - A Disappointed Man Chelsea vs Manchester United

Jose Mourinho's men managed to stop Chelsea and Manchester United drew two goals for each side at Stamford Bridge in a match that kept them up for the last few minutes.

In this report we review who was the most prominent and disappointed among the players of the two teams at the top of the ninth week of the Premier League.

Fantastic Man - Anthony Marcial

 A match more than a characteristic of the French striker, who began to regain confidence and provide the level expected of him, despite rumors that he did not want to renew his contract and leave by the end of the season.

He scored two goals with a distinctive position in the two shots that showed his potential as a unique striker despite his position in the center of the left wing, but he knows when he is inside the box and making the risk.

The success of the French was also on the figures, passing 70 percent of his passes successfully, and the only two cards on the net were in the net.

A Disappointing Man - Romilo Lucaco

 He was the worst player in his team, who made a great show and dropped Chelsea on the pitch, but the Belgian was not at the event level and failed to be an active component of the Red Devils.

He had several balls but was always unable to pick up or touch. The serious balls he had in the box dealt with him with great care, and he did not show much understanding with his teammates Anthony Marciel and Marcus Rushford.

Chelsea survive defeat against Manchester United with a killer goal

Chelsea survived a 2-2 defeat at home to Manchester United in the deadly time of the ninth round of the English Premier League on Saturday.

German defender Antonio Rodiger opened the scoring for the hosts 21 minutes into the first half. France's Anthony Martial responded with two successive goals to the Red Devils in the 55th and 73rd minutes.

Midfielder Ross Barclay saved the Londoners from a 1-0 defeat at the Stamford Bridge in London.

Chelsea have lifted their lead to 21 points, leading the Premier League to the top of the Premier League.

While Manchester United are eighth, so far, with 14 points.

5 reasons to make a fair draw between Chelsea and Manchester United

The first Premier League summit after the FIFA World Cup ended with promises after Chelsea and Manchester United drew a positive 2-2 draw at the opening of the ninth round of the tournament.

Chelsea began finished the first half ahead in order to clean, while Manchester United and the heart of the table back in the second half to lead with two goals before Chelsea equalized in injury time.

Here are the reasons why I think the outcome of the game is very fair:

First: Murata instead of Jiro

The presence of Alvaro Morata essential in today's game was a major reason for the lack of spaces for Oylian and Hazzard, and also in the absence of the Giro station, which was a mainstay in Surrey lineup.

Second: Manchester United's mourns

This point has been taken into account entirely by Mourinho since the beginning of the season. Chelsea's defensive faults were clear to everyone, but Arsenal took advantage of them in the second round. Jose sent his players to press space behind Marcus Alonso, relying on Louise and Rodiger not being good at direct matches.

Third: breaking the rhythm

Chelsea have had their usual style of play and construction. Whether it was defense or Nemanja Matic, Chelsea had an unhappy ending through one. The positive thing is the hardness of the Red Devils when it comes to stopping Chelsea's keys, especially Giorgio, who has not shown his usual offensive quality.

Fourth: What happened between the two halves?

We do not know what happened in the changing rooms of the teams, but we can be sure that something is happening to motivate the Red Devils to come out differently in the second half than what happened in the first half, as happened exactly in the game Newcastle, despite the loss of the three points at the last moment, but Red Manchester deserve great respect for what they did in the second half.

Fifth: Blues do not want to lose

Some call it the team's character, a description of the failure of the team to give full pressure until the last moment to achieve a point of fear of what may cause loss at all levels,

As well as the pitch in which Manchester United have been deprived of winning since Sir Alex Ferguson's days "who could not have found this confrontation easy either."

 I think they are all factors that have come together to point out that Chelsea will draw even at the last minute and every fan of Manchester United will not be able to deny his prediction of this even if the Red Devils have a preference in today's meeting.