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Messi spoils the joy of Barcelona win over Sevilla

After Lionel Messi left the field injured, Barcelona's 4-2 win over Sevilla on Saturday in the ninth round of the Spanish league was incomplete.

ملخص مباراة بــرشلــونة واشــبيلــية 4-2 - مباراة ناارية وتألق ميـسى

Brazilian striker Coutinho opened the scoring in the second minute and the Argentinian magician added the second goal in the 12th minute and without the Uruguayan Luis Suarez the third goal in the 63rd minute of the penalty

Croatia's Ivan Rakitic scored the fourth goal with 88 points while Pablo Sarabia scored the visitors' first goal in the 79th minute and Colombia's Luis Moreiel added the second goal in the 91st minute.

Messi left the pitch in the 23rd minute after being injured in the hand and threatened to be absent from the Champions League clash against Inter Milan and Clasico land to Real Madrid.

Barcelona were top of the league with 18 points while Sevilla are third with 16 points.

Barcelona and Seville .. moments before the disaster

The result is not clear, did Barcelona beat Sevilla 4-2 or Messi beat Sevilla 2-0 in 12 minutes? Terje Stijn may have won for Barcelona. All he got was a very difficult shot and a reckless reverse goal as usual.

This defense is supposed to face Percic and Icardi in the Champions and then meet the Lopegeti arsenal in the Clasico. Yes, it may seem like a deposit in terms of registration these days but it is still fierce in the manufacture of opportunities.

This defensive tragedy does not need Messi's exit until it appears, and it is true that it appears less in its existence because it simply spreads fear. What happened in the second goal is what happens every time Leo finds space. All these things are not a problem if compared to the fact that Messi lost in itself.

When we discussed this issue three days ago, it was not in my worst imagination that fate would force us to test this reality so quickly. You will not wait for the next match against Inter Milan or the Clasico against the Real. You will see it immediately, In the usual scenes of those false victories that hide much worse than they appear.

Valverde continued to rely on 4-3-3 to try to fix the three-way combination of Boscic, Racic and Arthur, as he appeared to have surrendered to Coutinho in the middle and began to deal with the fait accompli and the logical victim is Osman Dembele.

We still do not know the real reason for signing Arturo Vidal. Malcolm's deal may be interpreted from a childish perspective, but the Vidal issue is not at all clear. The elite of the Chilean midfield spends their time on the reserves, and on the other hand, € 40 million does not go into the list. Barcelona wanted to stop the plane.

The situation foreshadows a lack of communication or division of roles between the administration represented by President Bartomio and contract officials Sigura and Abidal on the one hand, and the coach on the other, it is not logical to ask the coach players do not intend to involve them.

This is not the only thing that is illogical, but from the logic of logic, there must be a coach and a system to play the team to join the contracts on the basis, but most likely here there is no basis for contracts and no system for the team, not even a coach. The worst of Messi's injury is not his injury, but his absence, which means that Valverde will have to think.

"A Wonderful Man" - "A Disappointed Man" ( Barcelona vs Seville )

Barcelona scored a 4-1 win over Sevilla at the top of the ninth round of the Spanish league.

The win saw the return of Barcelona to the top and the decline of the Andalusian team, but with Lionel Messi hit the right arm level.

A wonderful man - 'Luis Suarez'

Without Messi's early exit, Suarez would not have been in that list since the beginning of the season and the performance fluctuated, making Messi's goal just minutes before he was injured.

The third goal from a penalty was caused by them, to lead his team to secure the score, and almost add another goal, but for the crossbar, was the most threatening goal of the Andalusian team with 7 more shots paid between the two teams.

A disappointed man -  'Valek'

The difference between the Sevilla goalkeeper and Barcelona goalkeeper Terre Stegen, who despite two goals, was a key element in the second half, preventing Sevilla from narrowing the gap and returning to the match.

The penalty kick caused by the Andalusian goalkeeper ended the hopes of the guests to return again to meet, as did not give reassurance to his defenders, as does the German goalkeeper with the weak defense of Barcelona also.

Barcelona take top of La Liga with a big win over Sevilla

Barcelona scored a great win over Sevilla in the quarter-finals against two goals at the Camp Nou for the ninth round of the Spanish league.

Barça desperately needed to win the match to stop the point-scoring streak in La Liga after failing to win the last three league games.

Philippe Coutinho presented the Brazilian international with the first goal for the Bulgarians in the second minute of a silky pass to Lionel Messi. The Argentinian flea then added the second goal of the Catalan team in the 12th minute of Uruguayan Luis Suarez.

In the 20th minute, Lionel Messi raised the fear of Barcelona fans after he fell to the ground due to injury in the facility and was forced to leave the stadium and paid the Spanish coach Ernesto Valverde French wing Osman Dembili instead.

In the 63rd minute, Luis Suarez added the third goal for the Barça from a penalty that he got himself after blocking the goalkeeper, and then came the goal to break the difference for the Andalusian team in the 79 minute by Pablo Sarabia.

In the 88th minute, Ivan Rakitic increased Barcelona's lead by scoring the fourth goal, but Sevilla responded with a second goal in the first minute of the replacement by Luis Morell.

The match saw a resounding glint by Barcelona keeper Terje Stegen, who fought for many goals and was dealt with twice in a single attack, not once but twice on the night.

With this result, Barcelona moved to the top of the standings as they reached the 18th point, beating 17-point-old Deportivo Alaves.

The Catalan team is preparing to face a heavy caliber Wednesday evening in the Champions League, where will receive the Inter Milan team at the Camp Nou for the third round of the group league.