"Liverpool" Vs "Tottenham" 2-0 Match HighLight, Premier League !

Mohammed Salah continue to break the numbers and chase Ken .. Liverpool take third place

Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool and Egypt, led his team to a deserved win at home to Southampton clean two minutes in the meeting on Sunday, in the 27th round of the English Premier League.

Match HighLight & Goals

Liverpool moved up to 54 points to take third place from Tottenham, who dropped to fourth, two points behind second-placed Manchester United.

The Egyptian star started the game by creating a goal for fellow Brazilian Ferdinando, in the 5th minute after starting from the right hand side before playing a silky pass to Fermino, who fired directly into the goal, and is the seventh goal that comes from the Salah industry in his career with the team.

Salah managed to score the second goal in the 42nd minute. Salah received a superb pass from Brazilian Roberto Fermino, who was the only Southampton goalkeeper, and then calmly announced his side's progress.

With this goal, Salah has raised his score to 22 goals this season in the Premier League, to be the only top scorer in the competition, after equalizing with Argentinian Sergio Aguero, the Manchester City attacking star, and narrowing the gap with Englishman Harry Kane, Single.

"Salah" scored the goal with his left foot to reach his 19th goal in the same season of the English Premier League, and equalize the record for former Liverpool star Robbie Fowler as the most left-footed player in a single season of the Premiership. Season «1994-1995».

According to the network «Obeta» statistics that «Salah», who made the first goal in the game also «scored by Fermino», reached the goal scored 29 goals in this season's Premier League, where he scored 22 and made 7.

Salah became the most active player in Liverpool's Premiership during his first season with the club.

Salah continues to chase Ken on top of the English Premier League

Liverpool won their third-place win over Southampton 2-0 and are two points clear of Manchester United, who lost 1-0 at Newcastle United in the English Premier League.

Liverpool was the best side in the first half, and managed to score the first two goals after passing from the Egyptian star Mohammed Salah towards Brazilian Fermino, who followed them in the net in the sixth minute, and then responded Ferminho beautiful Egyptian Pharaoh with a wonderful pass to complete the game in the net 42 minutes of the same stroke Scoring 22 goals in 26 league games this season, finishing second in the top scorers with one goal behind Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane.

Salah won the award for the best player of the match, and his teammate Virgil Van Dick handed him the award through Sky Sports.

"The team's early goal at the beginning of the game gave us more comfort and made us play more comfortably, but we needed to score more goals to make sure we won," Salah told the channel after the meeting.

"I work for the team and not just the best, but I'm always happy if I win in the team, whatever."

The 25-year-old managed to score 29 goals in his first season with Liverpool and continued to score in Southampton for the third time this season after scoring twice in the first round.

The Egyptian Pharaoh entered history with Liverpool after scoring a left foot goal to equalize with former Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler when he scored 19 goals in the 1994-1995 season as the left footer in the Premier League. The Egyptian Pharaoh entered history last week after becoming the fastest player to exceed 20 A goal with Reds ahead of Daniel Sturridge and Fernando Torres.

Liverpool regain third place by dropping Southampton

Liverpool beat Southampton 2-0 at home to Southampton in the 27th round of the Premier League.

Liverpool's Roberto Ferdinando and Egyptian Mohamed Salah scored in the 6 and 42 minutes.

The Reds rose to 54 points to regain third place in Tottenham, while Southampton are 18th, with 26 points.

The game was dominated by Liverpool, in most of the periods, and the defense of the Reds, managed to get out of the nets clean, through the brilliance of a clear van Daek, next to goalkeeper, Carius. End 25 n

Summary and goals for Liverpool and Southampton

Mohamed Salah scores a crucial pass to lead Liverpool to a 2-0 victory over Southampton.
 Liverpool narrowed the gap with Manchester United to a 2-0 win over Southampton on Sunday in the English Premier League.

Brazil's Roberto Fermino (6) and Egyptian Mohamed Salah (42) scored the Liverpool double.

Liverpool moved up to 54 points and took third place from Tottenham Hotspur, narrowing the gap with Manchester United (56 points) after losing to Newcastle United 1-0.

- The end of the game with Liverpool win two outstanding.

85 - Mohamed Salah gives a smart pass to Adam Lalana and the latter fails to score the third scorer.

71 - Mani cuts the ball from the middle of the pitch and passes to Ferminiu, who was shot and blocked by the goalkeeper and then returned to Mohammed Salah, who hit the side netting.

- A quarter of an hour into the second half, Liverpool continue to quietly search for the third goal and Southampton is struggling to reach the goal of Carrius and return in the game.

- Mohammed Salah's goal was to restore the top scorer of the Premier League with 22 goals and to break the partnership with Argentinian Sergio Aguero (21 goals) while Englishman Harry Kane remained with 23 goals.

42 - Mohamed Salah translates Liverpool into a beautiful goal, starting with a nice exchange with Ferminho and ending with Southampton.

- Tadic's cross finds the header of James Ward, which was intercepted by Carius brilliantly.

- Twenty-five minutes into the match, the control was almost absolute for Liverpool against some shy attempts at hospitality.

- Denmark's Pierre Hoiberg is close to equalizing but German keeper Carrius prevents him from doing so.

6 - Liverpool begin a strong confrontation, Chamberlain leads a counterattack up to the ball to Mohammed Salah, who passed to Vermeo and the Brazilian gives progress to the Reds.