"Liverpool" and "Porto" 5-0 Match HighLight

Mohamed Salah scored a goal in the great victory of Liverpool at Porto, Portugal with a clean fourth in the first round of the Champions League

Match HighLight

Rades Sadio Mani (Hatrique), Mohamed Salah and Roberto Fermino scored in the 25, 29, 53, 70 and 85 minutes.

With this great result, Liverpool are moving forward in the quarter-finals, with Porto needing a sixth win at Anfield on March 6.

Liverpool moved forward in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, after winning a five-point clean at the expense of Porto, outside the rules of the English team.

The Reds played a big game, especially on the offensive side, to make it early, waiting for the return leg at Anfield, the Liverpool stronghold.

The Senegalese striker made a big match, scoring three goals and winning the highest rating of the match, in addition to winning the man's title.

With a three-point record in the Reds Quintet, Mani managed to score an opportunity to score for his teammates and touch the ball 68 times with a 79% pass.

Mani managed to make two successful runs throughout the match, as well as 48 times.

Goalkeeper Porto, was not at his best tonight evening, in addition to the defensive flaw of the Portuguese team who contributed to the end of this heavy result on the owners of the land.

Jose Sa, the 25-year-old, caused more than a goal for the Reds, starting from Mani's first goal after failing to properly tackle the ball, and the third goal of the Reds by the Senegalese striker as well.