"Dodge" Promotion Get The African Americans Angry...and The Reason is?

This "Dodge Ram" Ad was introduced during the final of the American Football League.

"Dodge Ram" Ad Video

New York, United States - A speech by 'Martin Luther King Jr' was part of a "Dodge Ram" promotion, but was not accepted by many viewers in the country .

A Dodge announcement during the final of the American Football League, which included a passage from Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech, sparked The African Americans anger in the United States.

According to the US CCN website, the announcement, which includes a message: "To serve (..) you only need a heart full of compassion and spirit of love" was not accepted by many viewers.

The Dodge dealership used parts of King's last major speech before he was assassinated in 1968, and reactions were issued even before the game ended.

"I want to punch the face of the Dodge announcement," one Twitter user said of the announcement.

"I am not a civil rights expert," said another. "But I am absolutely certain that Martin Luther King never dreamed of participating in a Dodges declaration."