"Watford" And "Chelsea" 4-1 Match Goals & HighLight

Chelsea's loss from Watford puts Conte under pressure

Chelsea boss Anthony Conte is under pressure more than ever after his team lost to Watford. Conte's options in the Premier League match at home to Watford led to the end of the 26th round of the Premier League with a 4-1 loss to the defending champions.

Match Goals & HighLight

French side Conte left Jiro on the bench, preferring to play without a bayonet and pushing Brazilian David Luiz for the first time in months.

Chelsea suffered a surprise 3-0 defeat of Bournemouth by sending out the Frenchman Bakayoko after receiving a second yellow warning.

Denny opened the scoring for Watford (42) and the cameras took him immoral as he celebrated the goal.

Belgian Hazzard equalized for Chelsea just eight minutes after the end but Watford rose with a three-pointer by Janamat, Spain's DeLouvo and Argentine Pereira 84, 88 and 90 + 1.

This is Watford's first win over Chelsea in all competitions since 1999.

Watford scored 30 points in the 11th place, while Chelsea were stuck at 50 points and their fourth position was threatened by Tottenham 49 and Arsenal 45