"FC Barcelona" vs "Valencia" Semi-final 'Copa del Rey' Match HighLight & Goals

King's Cup - Barcelona for the fifth final in a row with the feet of Coutinho and Racic

The Catalan team repeats their victory over the bat in the semi-finals of the competition

Barcelona beat Valencia 2-0 in the semi-final of the King's Cup, which was held on Mestalla for the first leg of the first leg of the Copa del Rey.

Coutinho scored in the 49th minute and Ivan Rakitic scored in the 82nd minute to qualify for the fifth consecutive final.

Barcelona are set to meet Sevilla in the final of the tournament scheduled for April 21, after the Andalusian team managed to oust Real Madrid's Legianis.

Match Goals & HighLight

first half

Valverde made a single change to Barcelona's squad in the first leg with Andre Gomez instead of Vidal. Marcellino involved the Kundujia and Zaza bat and played 3-3-4 instead of 2-4-4 to try to pressure the opponent from the start.

The first risk to the hosts for the ground for Kuclin's shot but weak in the hands of Célissin, and with the ninth minute a free kick for Barca Messi Messi wonderful, but Dominique keeper Valencia away with his hand away from the goal.

The crossbar stands with Barcelona for not getting the first goal from Rodrigo's head after Jaya's cross, but it turns out to be the keeper on the counter in the 14th minute. Messi and his team-mates are trying to control the midfield amidst a very strong performance that has sometimes come to violence from the owners.

Messi starts off and sends a strong shot past Al-Qaim. Barça are on the right side due to poor support, both offensive and defensive, by Gomez, the youngest of his team, and nothing new to end the half as negatively as Camp Nou.

Second half

The second half of the second half saw the opening of the second half of the second half of the second half of the second half of the season. The new deal was scored in the blue and red jersey after the Suarez cross turned it directly in the opposite direction.

It was hard to beat the bat who needed 3 goals to qualify, and the Barça players almost scored the second goal, but the defending defenders and the goalkeeper turned to Messi's shot and then Alba in the 63rd minute.

Silesen was the most dangerous of Valencia's attacks from a few minutes away with a great reaction. Eight minutes before the end of the game, Rakić managed to kill the match with a second goal after a pass from Suarez, who now plays the role of goal maker.

Yare Mina will take the first time with Barcelona instead of Pique, and the final minutes have nothing to do with the final whistle with Barca finishing the final.

Coutinho signs his first goal in the Barcelona shirt

Brazilian striker Philippe Coutinho has signed his first goal in Barcelona's squad against Valencia at Mestalla in the second leg of the King's Cup.

Coutinho scored Barcelona's first goal in the 50th minute after substitute substitute Andre Gomez in the 46th minute of the second half, after a cross pass from Luis Suarez.

Coutinho beat Barcelona in the first leg at the Camp Nou with a 0-0 lead to put the team in the final of the King's Cup, where they will face Sevilla in the second semi-final.

Coutinho, who cost Barcelona 160 million euros to sign with him from Liverpool last month, scored his first goal in the Catalan club after four matches.

Brazilian striker Felipe Coutinho opened the scoring for Valencia on Thursday in the second leg of the Spanish Cup semi-final.

Felipe Coutinho, a brilliant cross from the left-hand side of the Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez in the net, in the 49th minute, just four minutes after entering the field, instead of Portuguese Andrea Gomes, at the stadium "Mestaya"!

The Brazilian star moved from Liverpool to Barcelona for 160 million euros, becoming the most expensive player in Barcelona history, surpassing Osman Dembli and the second-most expensive player in history, after fellow national Neymar da Silva, who moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain.
Second-placed Frenchman Gillian Mbambi, who is also on loan from Monaco on loan at the Mercato last summer, could also be sold to the princes this summer for a loan of 180 million euros.

Felipe Coutinho, 25, had 201 appearances for Liverpool, scoring 56 goals and 46 goals.

Barcelona reach the final of the King of Spain Cup

Barcelona reached the final of the Spanish King's Cup by defeating Valencia in a 2-0 win over Valencia on Thursday.

Barcelona won the aggregate 3-0 after beating the first leg in the Camp Nou 1-0.

Brazilian striker Philippe Coutinho opened the scoring in the second half to replace Portugal's Andre Gomez, who scored the first goal for Barcelona.

Barcelona will face Saturday's final of the King's Cup on Saturday (April 21st) against Sevilla, who qualified on Wednesday at the expense of Legianis.

Match Details 

The end of the semi-final with Barcelona's advantage over Valencia with two goals without a response and qualified to the final deservedly.

A goal for Barcelona: Croatian Rakić take the knockout penalty for Valencia and its fans by scoring the second goal of Barca.

A serious chance for Valencia: Jose Gaia draws a strong shot close to Barcelona's goal but Dutch goalkeeper Gasper Selecin bravely and brilliantly defends him.

- Valencia's defense intervenes in the final seconds against Messi's offensive attempt and prevents him from achieving the second goal.

A second change to Barcelona by Iniesta and Brazilian striker Paulinho.

A goal for Barcelona: Four minutes after entering the substitute, Brazilian Coutinho gave the progress to Barcelona and opened his scoring goal with the Catalan team.

- Barcelona coach Favidri is pushing for a second-half substitute to replace Brazilian Andrei Gomez in the second half.

In the first half, the Valencia players used the extra roughness to reduce the risk of Lionel Messi

- A new solo attempt by Lionel Messi, but his left-foot shot knocked Gome Dominique Sanchez's three-footers into the net.

- A serious chance for Valencia: Rodrigo Moreno takes a header but the bar saves it and saves Barcelona from conceding the first goal.

- A direct offense to Barcelona by Argentine Lionel Messi but Valencia goalkeeper Dominique Sanchez was in the right place and responded to the ball.

- The referee Alberto Mayenko gives the start of the match between Valencia and Barcelona at the return leg of the Spanish King's Cup.

A minute of silence was heard at the Mestaya Stadium in mourning for the death of a 14-year-old Azira player named Aziro Barbera due to a heart attack.

With Belgian defender Thomas Fremelen also away from injury, Valverde may push his new Colombian defender Yiri Mina for the first time after coming from Brazilian side Palmeiras and Frenchman Samuel Umiti.