"Barcelona" and "Espanyol" Match Goals & HighLight

The Catalan club drew 1-1 for a match in the derby of Catalonia at the "Cornella Albert"

Barcelona are tied to Espanyol in the Catalunya derby in the 22nd round of the Spanish league. Gerrard Moreno took the lead in the 66th minute before Gerard Pique equalized in the 81st minute. The game was bad at the technical level and the weather was bad with the floor of a stadium where the ball was not moving.

Match HighLight

No shot on goal

Barcelona was adopted at the beginning of the match on the way 4-4-2 turn in the attack to 4-3-3 Alcacer on the right gallery and Coutinho on the left and Suarez in the rear.

The first half started in a somewhat conservative manner with minor attempts to attack. The most important thing was to keep Espanyol from reaching the goal, but the owners scored 4 balls, one of which was Mark André Terje Stijn, while the Bulgarians did not hit a ball in the parakeets.

The danger of Barcelona was only a dangerous shot by Philippe Coutinho who hit the post in the 21st minute.

But overall the game was clearly calm without any obvious danger and the impact of Messi's absence appeared in the game after the Catalan club failed to create serious chances against Diego Lopez .

"Falverdi" error

Valverde repeated his mistake in Deportivo Alaves' match in the last round of the Spanish league by involving Nelson Simedo and Lucas Deen at Al-Azhara.

Despite the commitment of the duo to defensive duties unlike the meeting of Alaves, but the return of the offensive was not expected, and strange that these weaknesses of the duo.

Valverde was more convinced of Lucas than Simedo, so his first change in the second half was Messi's departure from Alcacer, who was completely unhappy on the sidelines, and Sergio Roberto.

Valverde thought of taking Paulinho and involving Ivan Rakic ​​but Espanyol's goal and the rain caused him to change his plan and push Jordi Alba.

Yes, rain was the star of the game today.


With the start of the second half and the continuation of the rain, Barcelona failed to pass the ball in half the pitch, so that the owners of the land were forced to play on the sides and the long ball to avoid the pool of water in the middle.

The first goal for Espanyol came in this way, so Valverde decided to play only on the sides and completely ignored the depth, although the defensive line of the parrots but this made it much easier task.

After several attempts, Gerrard Pique's goal came from a solid Messi header on 81 minutes, and there was no other chance to score.

The owners of the ground also did not benefit much from the rain, in the last minutes of the meeting had more than a chance to pay on goal but because of pools of water was very difficult to control the ball.

"Coutinho's" dilemma

Coutinho has been stuck with Barcelona so far. The Basque coach has decided to change the plan and involve the Brazilian on the left side in Iniesta, but it did not work well enough and he also hurt Alcacer.

In the second half, as Messi came down, Coutinho turned to play on the right side and although he played a better match than Alaves, it was not Philippe who starred in Liverpool.

The crisis is not only in the way of play but in Coutinho, the player does not pass the ball at the required speed and tends in many times to review and this is not the philosophy of the Bulugrana

Of course Phillip needs time to adapt and understand the team's philosophy and the coach's plan and the role it takes .

La Liga is in danger

Is it reasonable for my league to be the best in the world in accordance with the European Football Association's order to have such stadiums?

How can we watch a game where the ball stops in the pools more than its movement?

Of course, the two teams lost much of the pitch and ended the match.

We would just like to remind the catalog manager of Liga, Adolovo Barra, who said at the "SoccerEx" conference more than a year ago that:

 There are some stadiums that do not have a good lighting or grass, which affects the ability of the viewer to follow up, and we have a plan to improve the grounds of the stadiums of the different clubs in Allega. "

What has happened throughout this period? Nothing is just a pool of water at the Cornella Stadium during the derby meeting .