After Skidding Off Runway Plane Gett Stuck On Cliff Edge

A plane full of passengers slid off the runway on Saturday night as it landed at Trabzon airport in northern Turkey and almost fell into the sea as it settled on the edge of the beach, causing no injuries, local media reported.

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The incident did not cause any casualties among the 162 passengers of Pegasus, which flew from Ankara to Trabzon on the Black Sea coast.

The passengers were evacuated unhindered, according to the company.

The Turkish CNN broadcast pictures of the aircraft being seriously stuck on the slope after its tires sank into the mud, meters from the sea.

Dogan also published pictures of smoke rising from the plane. The causes of the accident remain unknown, according to the governor's office.

The agency quoted the "Anatolia" Fatima Godro, which was on the plane, the panic that prevailed travelers. "We started to lean to the side, then to the front, and panic broke out in the midst of screaming and screaming," she said. The airport reopened after closing on Sunday morning.

A plane is deviating from a Turkish airport runway and is about to fall into the sea

Passengers panicked in a plane that veered off a Turkish airport runway to hang at the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking the sea and just meters from the edge of the water.

The plane, a Boeing 737-800 belonging to Pegasus Airlines, was carrying 168 passengers as well as crew.

It took off on a flight from the Turkish capital of Ankara to land at the Trabzon airport on the Black Sea coast late Saturday.

The governor of Trabzon, Yogel Yavuz, said he had safely evacuated all the passengers on board, and there were no reports of any injuries.

Officials said an investigation was under way to find out the cause of the accident.

The Turkish Anatolia News Agency described the panic that spread among the passengers when they got out of control and deviated from the runway.

One of the passengers, Fatima Gordo, was quoted as saying: "We were taken to the side, and then the front of the plane was down and its tail was up.

The pictures of the plane appeared on top of a muddy slope just meters from the edge of the sea.

The governor explained that the airport had been closed for several hours while continuing to investigate the incident.

Pegasus Air Lines said in a statement that a "runway derailment" occurred when the plane landed at Trabzon airport.
Witness ... Providence saves a passenger plane that goes out of the corridor and settles on a slope

The Boeing 737-800 flew out of its runway and landed on a slope to endanger the lives of 162 passengers, but it stopped falling before landing on the Black Sea in the northern Turkish province of Trabzon.

A report on the Bel Fast Telegraph newspaper today published the pictures of the plane, which returned from a late flight yesterday and nearly landed by sea. "The investigation is underway into the causes of the plane's slide and off course during the landing," said provincial governor Yosef Yazol.

Yazol pointed out that 162 passengers aboard the Turkish plane were safely evacuated and that there were no human casualties but passengers were in a state of panic over the incident.

A plane slides into a Turkish airport

A Pegasus Airlines plane slipped off the runway at a Turkish coastal airport and ended up at a black sea slope, but neither passengers nor crew were hurt.

Turkish media reported the incident took place on Saturday evening at the Trabzon airport in the northeast of the country. Photos from the crash site showed the plane stuck in danger on the slope, after its tires sank into the mud, and its foot was close to the sea. "The special agency of the news agency published pictures of smoke rising from the plane.

Pegasus said the Boeing 737-800 was flying from Ankara to Trabzon and had been "skewed" when it landed. But the 162 passengers, two pilots and four crew members were unharmed.

"We started to lean to the side, then to the front," Fatima Godro, who was on board the plane, told the official Anatolia news agency. There was panic in the midst of screaming. "

The governor's office announced the cause of the accident was still unknown, while the airport reopened after it was closed yesterday morning.