Dramatic Draw "Arsenal" & "Chelsea" London Derby

An exciting and crazy summit between Arsenal and Chelsea ended in a 2-2 draw in the Premier League stage 22 on Wednesday.

The players gave the game a very suspense did not know the result until the last seconds.

Match Highlight & Goals

The 2-2 draw against London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea was held at the Emirates Stadium for the 22nd round of the Premier League.

The two teams wasted several easy chances during the first half, which ended in a goalless draw, as Alvaro Morata failed to visit the net despite his complete lack of Petr Cech, and also dealt with Alexis Sanchez's shots.

The excitement continued in the second half, and Arsenal managed to open the scoring by Jack Wilshere by the 63rd minute.

Arsenal did not last long, as Eddin Hazard managed to get a penalty in the 66th minute and successfully executed the equalizer.

Chelsea snatched the second goal in the 84th minute through Marcos Alonso, who took advantage of Zapacosta's cross, but Arsenal managed to equalize in injury time by means of a powerful shot that Cortois failed to tackle.

Chelsea lifted their lead to 46th and slipped to third place behind Manchester United by one point. Arsenal also lifted their lead to 39th and remained sixth.

Arsenal are sixth with 38 points and Chelsea third with 45.

Highlight .

Start of the match

- The neighbors exchange attacks, the beginning of a promising game.

- 14 Murata missed an opportunity in the way of incredible things in front of Arsenal's goal

- 16 - Sanchez is also missing a very dangerous ball for Arsenal, but this time the left and right sides are the one who stops the goal

45 - Hazzard brings Fabregas to the ball but the latter drops it over the goal

The end of the first half with a draw

- A hot start to the second half, with the opportunity Alonso addressed by Peter Chek. And another of the Gagas on the other side also addressed by Kurtwa.

D - 63 goal for Arsenal by Galk Welcher

- The 67th goal of Arsenal defender Hector Pelierin is a very doubtful penalty for the Blues star Hazzard who scored the equalizer 1-1.

- D-84 goal Alonso grabs a distinctive goal for the Blues after taking advantage of a pass and a high effort from the Italian David Zapacosta (2-1 to Chelsea).

 - 90 + 2 goal Pellerin compensates with a 2-2 draw for Arsenal.

- Murata is completely lost and then Zabakosta hits the crossbar with the same attack.

- Crazy end of the match with a 2-2 draw.

The Blues have 46 points in third place, compared to 39 points for the Gunners in sixth place.

A dramatic draw between Arsenal and Chelsea in the Premier League

Arsenal and Chelsea beat Chelsea 2-2 on Wednesday at the Emirates Stadium in the second round of the English Premier League.

Arsenal first came through Jack Wilshere in the 63rd minute, with Chelsea scoring twice through Eden Hazard (67) and Marcus Alonso (84). Hector Pelerin scored the equalizer for the home side in the 90th minute.

Chelsea remained in third place behind Manchester United after 46 points, while Arsenal rose 39 points to sixth.

Arsenal defender Laurent Coussellini was absent from the squad, while Spanish midfielder Nacho Monreal was injured. Shakudran Mustafa played in the defense of Rob Holding and Kalum Chambers, and Ainsley Maitland-Niles replaced injured Siad Kolasinac in the left back.

Chelsea play a full squad, led by duo Alvaro Morata and Aiden Hazard in the attack, against midfielders Cesc Fabregas, Timo Bakayoko and Nigolo Canti.

The English derby match between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium in the framework of the 22nd week of the Premier League ended with a positive draw of two goals for each team.

The game began exciting since the first half, which saw the loss of the two teams to many scoring opportunities achieved but the game ended negatively

In the second half, Jack Welchre opened the scoring in the 63rd minute, and the defenders did not last long, with Belgian defender Aiden Hazard taking the equalizer in the 67th minute.

In the 84th minute, Marcus Alonso scored the second goal for Chelsea after a superb pass and put them in the net. Two minutes before the end of the game Hector Pelierin grabbed the equalizer for Arsenal in the 92nd minute of the game, ending with two goals for each team.

With that result, each team wins a point, taking Arsenal to 39 points in sixth place, while Chelsea reached 46th in third place.

In a match that was thrilling and enjoyable, and the outcome remained suspended until the last minute, a 2-2 draw in the London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea ended Wednesday in the 22nd round of the English Premier League.

Chelsea rose to 47 points in third place, while Arsenal raised to 39 points in sixth place.

Jack Wilshere scored for Arsenal in the 63rd minute, before Eden Hazard equalized for Chelsea in the 67th minute.

Marcos Alonso added the second goal to Chelsea in the 84th minute, but Hector Pelierin scored the deadly equalizer for Arsenal in the second minute of time calculated rather than lost to the second half.