"Australia" Beat "Syria" in The Asian Finals Under-23

The events of the match between Syria and Australia in the AFC U-23 Cup, which is currently underway in China, started shortly and we will follow with you the most important events of this match.
Match HighLight & Goals

In the eighth minute of the match, Australia managed to score a goal through Blackwood, who scored Australia's first goal.

In the 29th minute, Syria's Al Hamwi missed the opportunity to score, and the result continued as Australians advanced for a free goal.

Bruce Camillo scored the second goal of the Australian team, ending the first half with a 2-0 lead.

By the 53rd minute, the Syrian team realized the goal of the draw after Thomas Deng scored the wrong goal, making the score two goals.

George Blackwood came back to score in the 58th minute against Al-Dokiyya.

The match between Syria and Australia under the age of 23 ended with the Australian team winning three goals for the first time in the Asian Cup.

Match Highlight

A few minutes later, the whistle will be launched for the important and anticipated match between Syria and Australia in the Asian Cup under 23.

Minute 1 start of the game.
3' minute touch of the Australian team in front of the penalty area is distracted by the Syrian defense.

The seventh minute is a dangerous attack for the Syrian team to be dealt with by the Australian goalkeeper

8' - The first goal of the Australian team.
11' minute was a mistake for the Australian team from midfield.
13' minutes into the game, a dangerous counterattack by DeCilvia was left off by the keeper.
15' minutes lost goal from the Syrian team through the player Raafat Mahtadi is dealt with by the Australian goalkeeper.
22' minutes to control the Australian team on the ball in midfield.
24' minute corner of the Australian team on the right is distracted by the Syrian defense.
26' minutes from the Syrian team but off the goal.
27'th minute of the line of defense in front of the penalty area.
29' minutes into the match Shadi Hamwi lost to the goal.
37' minutes and Australia are ready to play midfield.
40' minute is a dangerous cross for the Australian team, distracted by the Syrian defense.
42' minutes Australia's second goal of a beautiful header.
45' minutes into the first half as Australia advanced 2/0.
46' minutes into the second half.
46' minutes of the first change for the Syrian team Bzul Zakaria Hanan and exit Mohamed Anz
47' minutes, Khaled Ibrahim, the Syrian goalkeeper saves his goal from the goal of the investigator and completely alone.
51' minute of a dangerous attack by Shadi Hamwi saved by the Australian goalkeeper.
52' minutes into the match, a powerful shot by Ahmed Al Ahmad but just wide of the goal.
53' minutes Zakaria Hanan scored the first Syrian goal to score 2/1.
55' corner of Syria is distracted by Australian defense.
56' minute second change for the Australian team.
60' minute corner of the Australian team is distracted by the Syrian defense.
70' minutes into the game, a powerful shot from Shadi Al Hamwi, the Australian goalkeeper.
71' minutes into the match.
74' minute corner of the Syrian team and a serious header addressed by the Australian goalkeeper.
76' minutes Khaled Ibrahim saves a dangerous cross from the Australian team.
77' minute was the third goal of the Australian team to score 3/1.
85' minute is a yellow card for Syrian player Abdullah Jneat.
86' minute is a lost goal for the Syrian team through Raafat Mahtadi.
87' minute is a new lost goal from Arnaout after a serious header coming out next to the post.
90' minute sent the whistle to the end of the second half and the game won the Australian team 3/1.

With this result the Syrian team lose their first three points in this tournament, and now they have to win the remaining two matches to ensure the rise to the quarter-finals.

Australia beat Syria in the under-23 Asian finals

Australia beat Syria 3-1 on Thursday at Kunshan Sports Complex in Kunshan in the first round of Group D of the AFC U-23 Asian Championship in 2018.

George Blackwood scored the first goal of Australia in the eighth minute and Bruce Camau added the second goal in the 43rd minute, before Australian Tomas Deng (mistake in his goal) scored Syria's only goal in the 53rd minute, Blackwood return to score the third goal of Australia in the 77th minute.

Syria's Olympic team fails to avenge Australia by defeating the "triple"

Syria lost the Olympic team three goals against a single goal against Australia in the first group meetings in the fourth group in the 2018 Asian Cup in China, in a meeting in which he performed a good performance but defensive performance was not in his day, losing the first three points of his career in the championship, A strong encounter in the next meeting against South Korea.

The Syrian team failed to withstand the break-up of Australia in the first half of the Asian Cup under the age of 23 in 2018, which succeeded in the counter-attacks scored two goals, in front of the Eagles Kasion, especially in light of the rush of players and lack of coverage.

The Australian first goal was scored in the eighth minute of the first half, by striker George Blackwood, after a number of special passes between the players ended with a very good goal, after three touches of distinctive, and perfect cross to the striker, who managed to score in the goal without trouble For lack of any coverage on it.

During the control of the Syrian Olympic team on the course of things, and the large acquisition of Eagles Qasion hoping to achieve a draw, and singled out Shadi Hamwi with the guard, but not to take advantage of the opportunity lost in a strange way.

In the 42nd minute, the Australian team succeeded after a quick counter-attack on the left side. The player managed to pass through the right-back of the Syrian team. He sent a special pass to Bruce Camus, who easily scored it for lack of control and placed a header in the goal.

Second half

The second half began with changes by the Syrian national team coach to correct the situation. Indeed, there was control from the Eagles and managed to reduce the score in the 54th minute after a great breakthrough by player Zacarias Hanan. His own goal by mistake.

The Syrian team then controlled the situation but the defense, especially the fronts of the Assyrian eagles, was largely unsuccessful in stopping Australia's wings. The player succeeded in penetrating the left front of Syria and managed to get the ball to find Blackwood for the third goal of his country. A ball similar to the first goal.