"Asencio" Puts 'Real Madrid' in The Lead With Deadly Time

"Marco Ascencio" Lead his Team Real Madrid To Win over their host, Ligans, in the quarter-final match of LA-LIGA .

Match HighLight & Goal

The goal came in the 90th minute after a cross from Theo Hernandez to Ascencio, who shot the ball into the net.

Real go through Liganes with a goal in their own home and approach the semi-final of the King's Cup

MADRID - Real Madrid took the lead in the semi-finals of the King's Cup after taking a 1-0 win over Leganis on Thursday in the quarter-finals of the King's Cup.

The match was characterized by heavy boredom, as it was devoid of beautiful looks, especially after the French coach Zinedine Zidane decided not to defend the stars of the Royal team led by Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo.

Leganes tried to exploit the players of the land and the public, and the many delays suffered by Real Madrid, but his attempts to attack failed, to resolve the experience of the players Real situation for the Royal team in the end.

Marco Ascencio took the lead in the game, having scored the only Real goal in the 89th minute

Real Madrid will have to score a draw in the return leg of the Bernabeu next week to reach the semi-finals. Legianis are almost impossible to win, with two goals to go on.

King's Cup: Real Madrid survive the surprises of Liganes with a difficult victory

Real Madrid surprised visitors at Liganes, and achieved a difficult 1-0 victory, on Thursday, within the quarter-final of the King's Cup Spain.

Rial are credited with winning the win over Marco Ascencio, who grabbed the winner in the 90th minute.

The Brazilian side will meet Liganes on Wednesday at the Santiago Stadium in the same leg to decide the identity of the semi-finals.

Match result

The beginning of the meeting
'5: The score is 0-0
'10 minutes and a negative draw master position
'15: Vallejo exit due to injury and descent of Nacho, score 0-0
'20: Pressure from the Rial to score the first goal and still draw a negative draw
'25 minutes and 0-0 score.
'34: Kovacic squandered full-time after defensive foul, score 0-0.
'40: Real is still looking for the first goal
The end of the first half with a draw
beginning of the second half.
'50: The negative draw is master position
'60 minutes and the score is still 0-0
'66: The chances of Leganis meet after an accidental turn by Lorenti by mistake to hit the bar.
'70: 0-0 score.
'10 minutes on the end and a negative draw dominated the encounter.
'90: Asencio scores first goal for the king

The end of the meeting with the victory of Real Madrid with a clean goal to put the royal team forward in the semi-finals.