"REAL MADRID" Fail And Draw Against "CELTA VIGO"

Real Madrid failed to win again this season with a draw against Celta Vigo in the 18th round of the Spanish league.

Match HighLight & Goals

Wes and Gomez scored twice in the 22nd and 82nd minutes, while Royal Gareth Bell scored in the 36th and 38th minutes.

Real Madrid are fourth on the table with 32 points, while Celta Vigo are in 14th place with 22 points.

Celta Vigo slay Real Madrid in deadly time!

Celta Vigo's Maxi Gomez scored a last-gasp goal against Real Madrid in the 82nd minute, to put the ball back in the game with a 2-1 win. Figo first made it 33 minutes into the first half before Gareth Bell scored twice Followed by minutes.

Celta Vigo draw with Real Madrid in the 82nd minute

Maxi Gomez, Spain's Celta Vigo, the second goal against Real Madrid, 82 minutes of the match between them currently at the stadium, "Palidos", in the 18th round of the Spanish league competition, "Allega", to make the score 2/2.

Real are fourth on the table with 31 points, 17 points behind their traditional rivals Barcelona on 48 points after beating Levante 3-0 in the same round.

Real Madrid continue to fall in front of Celta Vigo in the Spanish league

Spanish Real Madrid continued to fall and lost points after a draw against Celta Vigo, with two goals each in the two-team clash at Palydos Stadium in the 18th round of the Spanish league.

Celta Vigo scored the first goal in the 33rd minute by Daniel Wass and adjusted the score for Gareth Bell in the 36th minute before Bill Malakhi put in the lead with his second goal and his team in the 38th minute,

In the second half, Celta Vigo play the ball and threaten the king's goal with more than a dangerous ball. Nafas takes a penalty before Hugo Malo scored the equalizer for the hosts to end the game with a draw of two goals for each team.

With this result Real Madrid rose to the point 32 in fourth place, while Celta Vigo raised to 22 points in the 14th place in the ranking of the league.

Ramos Vastabah missed Celta Vigo defense champion of Europe .. Real Madrid stumble again!

Two new points lost in Real Madrid in their struggle to maintain the league title after a draw against the Straits of Celta Vigo 2-2 on Sunday in a wonderful meeting in the 18th round of Allega.

Real failed to maintain their lead at the end of the first half to score a draw in front of Figo, who was technically the best in the game.

The difference between the Royal in fourth place in the league and Barcelona leaders of the tournament is 16 points and the team has a game against Ibar.

The league championship this season has become very difficult.

Real Madrid's defense was affected by the absence of injured Sergio Ramos and the suspended Dani Karbala, who were replaced by Ashraf Hakimi and Nacho Fernandez.

Gareth Bell began the attack next to Cristiano Ronaldo due to the absence of Karim Benzema injury.

The match was equivalent to a slight advantage for Celtic Vigo, who scored first.

Daniel Bass gave the hosts the lead in the 33rd minute after unseating Keelor ​​Navas and playing the ball above him, advancing to a superb goal.

Mernji broke through his teeth quickly to score a straight equalizer through Gareth Bell in the 36th minute after the latter received the ball behind the defense after a wonderful pass from Tony Crosse to put the ball to the left of the keeper.

A few seconds later, Bell went to Real with a beautiful goal, with a left-foot ball in the far corner of the net.

Celta Vigo almost equalized in the 71st minute, but Nafas sparkled without a penalty by Yago Aspas.

An unorganized line-up for Real Madrid that Celta Vigo has hit more than once with neat passes.

Maximilian Gomez scored the equalizer in the 82nd minute after a fine header without a defender being harassed after a cross from the right.

Real Madrid tried to score the third goal and tried through star Cristiano Ronaldo but the absence of the latter from the standard and brilliance Robin Blanco goalkeeper Celta Vigo prevented it.

The match ended in a 2-2 draw to continue the European champions disappointing results in the league, which is approaching day after day from the traditional rivals Barcelona.

Real will host Villarreal on Saturday in the league, but before that they will face Numancia on Wednesday in the second leg of the King's Cup final.

Real Madrid falls in the trap of Celta Vigo

Real Madrid fell to a 2-1 win over Celta Vigo in the 18th round.

Real Madrid ended the first half with a 2-2 lead. Daniel Wass opened the scoring for Celta Vigo in the 33rd minute. Bell drew in the 36th minute and came back two minutes later to score the goal.

In the second half, Celta Vigo lobbied the Real and received a penalty from Navas. The hosts then repeated their attack on Real and Gomez scored in the 84th minute.

With this result, Real raise their lead to 32 points in fourth place while Celta Vigo raised his point to 21 points.

Real Madrid continue to bleed points with a draw with Celtavigo 2/2

Real Madrid and Celtavigu were equal in each other's match at the Palydos Stadium in the 18th round of the Spanish league.

Celtavigo opened the scoring with 33 minutes, while Real Madrid tied Gareth Bell with 36 minutes. Real's second goal came in the 38th minute and Gomez equalized for Celtavigo in the 82nd minute.

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