Barcelona finished the quarter-finals of the King's Cup after a 5-0 win at home to Celta Vigo on Saturday.


Last week's first-leg match at Paleidos, the stronghold of Celta Vigo, ended 1-1 with a 6-1 win over champions Catalunya.

Barcelona finished the game early in the first half, with Lionel Messi scoring the first and second goals of the hosts in the 13th and 15th minutes of Spanish left-back Jordi Alba.

The Argentinian magician responded by making the third goal by Alba in the 28th minute, while Uruguayan Luis Suarez secured the fourth goal in the 31st minute.

Croatian striker Ivan Rakitic finished the scoring with a goal in the 88th minute.

Barca could have scored more goals in the second half and used the surrender to defeat Celta Vigo, but the player's review after being satisfied with the win and unwillingness to do more, prevented the Catalan team from winning a record.

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Espanyol, Legianis, Deportivo Alaves and Sevilla have also booked their quarter-finals earlier.

Barcelona Valverde adopts one method in the registration!

Barcelona continue to strengthen their scoring goals since the start of the season, as the Catalans have crossed the 70-goal mark with the rest of the season, continuing to compete for the three titles possible.

Given Barcelona's record of the season, which rose to the 71st goal with the last four in the net against Celta Vigo, the Catalans still maintain their usual style of scoring under new coach Ernesto Valverde.

It is interesting to note that Barcelona scored 70 goals out of 71 in all competitions from within the penalty area, while the team scored a solitary goal from outside the penalty box by a free-kick directly executed by Lionel Messi successfully before Olympiakos in the Champions League.

Barcelona prepare for Figo in the Spanish Cup

Barcelona continued to defend the title of champion of the Spanish Cup for football, Reaching the quarter-finals, at the expense of guest Celta Vigo, beating him by five, Thursday, in the second leg.

Barcelona's Lionel Messi, who had a 2-0 win over Celta Vigo in the 13th and 15th minutes of the opening whistle at Camp Nou,

The Argentinian magician made the third goal in the 28th minute with a pass through the ball and passed the ball to left-back Jordi Alba, who started off from the right and ran straight into the net.

The Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez added the fourth goal for the hosts, after 31 minutes, with a shot from inside the penalty area, after taking a rebound to the goalkeeper of the opponent.

Croatia's Ivan Rakic ​​finished five minutes before the end of the game.

The match ended with a positive draw (1-1), which brought the two teams, last Thursday, at the stadium "Balaidos", in the city of Vigo.

Barcelona crosses into the quarter-finals of the King's Cup with a wide win over Celta Vigo

Barcelona moved into the quarter-finals of the King's Cup with a win over Celta Vigo in the 16th leg of the competition.

The first leg at the Palydos Stadium ended with a positive draw (11).

In the first half of the game, the Catalan club won the first round, with Lionel Messi scoring twice in the 13th and 15th minutes, Jordi Alba in the 28th minute and Luis Suarez in the 31st minute.

Ivan Rakic added the fifth goal in the second half in the 87th minute.

With this result Barcelona join Real Madrid, Espanyol Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Alaves, Valencia, Sevilla, and Legianis.

Barcelona reach the quarter-finals of the King's Cup by five in the net against Celta Vigo

The Argentine striker Lionel Messi opened the scoring in the 13th minute, returning and adding the second two minutes later, and in the 28th minute Jordi Alba managed to add the third goal after a pass from Messi,

  The club's pressure continued, with two more goals from Luis Suarez in the 31st minute and Ivan Rakicch in the 87th minute, with Barcelona's quarter-final victory in the King's Cup.

Barcelona climb to the quarterfinals of the King's Cup by five in Celtavaigo

The Barcelona players led Lionel Messi in the cruelty to Celtavigo in the home of the 16th round of the Cup of King Cup Nou five clean, to be the sum of the meetings Barcelona win 5/1.

Barcelona's Lionel Messi scored in the 13th minute 15 minutes, Jordi Alba added the third goal in the 28th minute, and fourth Luis Suarez scored in the 31st minute, and Rakić scored the fifth in the 87th minute.

Barca have drawn a 1-1 draw with Celtavigo in the first leg.

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