"Messi" Leads "Barcelona" With a Tough Win Against "Alaves" 2-1 - Match HighLight

Messi leads Barcelona to a new comeback in front of Alves amid the baht appearance of Coutinho

Lionel Messi led Barcelona to a 2-1 victory over Deportivo Alaves in the Spanish league in the Camp Nou meeting to lift the team to 57 points in the lead while Alaves scored 19 points.

Match HighLight & Goals

Guidete gave the visitors 23 minutes before Suarez could equalize the score in the 72nd minute and Messi scored the second goal 6 minutes from time. The team maintained their league-free record so far and in the five big leagues as well as the best start of the league and the number of Guardiola Which he achieved in the season 10-2009 after he managed to reach the point 57 of 21 games.

In the first leg of the meeting, Felipe Coutinho was the first time since joining the club after his participation as an alternative to Espanyol in the King's Cup. Suarez also received the Spanish league's best player award for the month of December from former player Abidal.

The match began with pressure from Alaves players through Supereno on Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen, who put the ball in the final before the striker got it, and the players passed the ball in midfield.

The first chance of the visitors in the 16th minute of a quick counter-attack to Ebay Gomez was followed by a stalemate that Steigen struggled with. The midfielder managed to cut the ball from Messi and Gomez passes to Guidetti, who is unique in the middle of the pitch and shoots the ball to the left of the keeper. .

A great deal from Steigen to deny Alaves the second goal, the unusual organization of the defense of the Bulgarians and the players of the center of Alaves do not give any space to build attacks by the owners of the land.

The equalizer lost from Messi after the implementation of a free kick managed by the goalkeeper with difficulty and Barcelona failed to modify the result and ends the game with a sudden progress of the team of the 17th rank in the league.

The second half saw the participation of Alba and Roberto 7 minutes into the break instead of Simedo and Lucas Deni, and Barcelona increased pressure to try to modify the score but to no avail.

The goalkeeper of Alaves blocked a certain goal for Suarez from his own goal before Luizito could equalize in the 71st minute after a direct shot from Iniesta's cross to score for the eighth consecutive game.

Messi managed to score the winner in the 84th minute from a free kick that the goalkeeper failed to tackle and raised his score to 20 goals and with the last minutes, guests object to their desire to get a penalty for touching the ball in the hands of Barcelona defender, but the referee continues to play and ends with the victory Barcelona 2 -1.

Barcelona overturns the table on Alaves thanks to duo Suarez and Messi

Barca, who had a 2-1 win over Deportivo La Coruna, beat Barcelona 2-0 in the Primera Liga match.

Deportivo Alaves cut the ball through John Gedetti in the 23rd minute, ending the first half with a solitary goal.

In the second half, Ernesto Valverde and Jordi Alba and Sergio Roberto were joined by Barcelona and Luis Suarez equalized in the 72nd minute before Lionel Messi gave the home side the lead in the 84th minute.

With this victory, Barcelona strengthened their lead to the table with 57 points, while Deportivo Alaves at 19 points in the 17th place.

Barcelona skips Alaves with difficulty

The Argentine, Lionel Messi, gave Barcelona three important points after he led his team to turn a late goal against home to Alaves to a 2-1 win over Sunday in the Spanish first division of the Spanish league.

Alaves scored with a goal by John Gedetti in the 23rd minute, Luis Suarez equalized for Barcelona in the 72nd minute and Lionel Messi scored the second goal in the 84th minute.
Barca have moved up to 57 points, 11 points ahead of closest rivals Atletico Madrid, 19 points behind Real Madrid, who are fourth.

In the other hand, Alaves stopped at 19 points in 17th place behind the goal difference behind Levante.
Barcelona remain unbeaten in the league this season, winning their seventh straight win and 18th in the league in a three-match draw. Alvíz's 14th loss was a win for six games and a draw in a match.

Barcelona are set to face Valencia on Thursday in the semi-finals of the King's Cup, and then meet Espanyol on February 4 in the second round of the Spanish league.

While Alaves are preparing to face Celta Vigo on Saturday in the second round of the Spanish league.

Goals Barcelona vs Alaves in the Spanish league

Barcelona scored a tough 2-1 home win over Alaves in the 21st round of the Spanish league.

The visitors advanced through Judit in the 23rd minute and Luis Suarez equalized in the 72nd minute for the hosts.

By the 84th minute, Lionel Messi is on the brink of winning a free kick that he executed brilliantly.

With the win, the Bulgarians continue to lead the league with 57 points, while Alaves are in 17th place with 19 points.

 Barcelona beat Espanyol Deportivo Alaves on Sunday to win a 2-1 win over Spain's Camp Nou in the Spanish league's 12th round of the Spanish league championship, .

Summary and goals of the match Barcelona and Alves in the Spanish league
John Guidete scored the first goal for Deportivo Alaves after a spectacular counterattack in the 23rd minute.

Luis Suarez realized the equalizer for the Catalans in the 72nd minute.

Argentina's Lionel Messi managed to score a superb free kick for Barcelona in the 84th minute.

The Barcelona stars missed several serious opportunities, most notably the free kick from Argentine star Lionel Messi in the 43rd minute.

Alaves goalkeeper Luis Luis Suarez scored a goal after 68 minutes.

Coutinho is essential with Barcelona for the first time
Brazilian star Felipe Coutinho has made his debut for Barcelona for the first time after joining Liverpool from Liverpool during the current transfer window in a five-season contract with the remaining half of the season, with a penalty clause of 400 million in a deal worth 160 million euros , Where he continued for 65 minutes before leaving and Alcacer took part.

Coutinho scored the first appearance with Barcelona for the first time against Espanyol, last Thursday evening in the quarterfinals of the Cup of Spain, where he replaced substitute Iniesta in the 68th minute of the game.

Barcelona coach is equal to Guardiola number Spanish league
Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde scored the record of Pep Guardiola, the former coach of the Albugrana in the Spanish league, in which he was unbeaten in the first 21 rounds of the competition.

Valverde has played 21 matches for Barcelona in the Spanish league this season and has not suffered any defeats. He has won 18 matches and drawn in 3 matches, equaling Guardiola, who has not suffered any losses in 21 successive rounds of the tournament in the 2009/10 season.

Barcelona continue to dominate the top of the Spanish league
Barcelona remain top of the standings with 57 points, 11 points ahead of second-placed Atletico Madrid with 46 points, beating Las Palmas 3-0 in the same round and 19 points from their traditional rivals Real Madrid. Fourth place.

Barcelona turn their back against Alaves to a tough win

Barcelona turn the table on Alaves and win a tough 2-1 win in the 21st round of the Primera Liga.
Barcelona beat Barcelona 2-1 on Sunday to face Deportivo Alaves in the 21st round of the Primera Liga.
Al-Suwaidi Gedetti had the chance to give Alaves the lead in the 21st minute, but Barcelona came back in the second half and managed to win thanks to the duo of Suarez (72) and Messi (84).

Barca have moved up to 57 points, 11 behind Atletico Madrid, 17 from Valencia and 19 from Real Madrid.

Match details
- The end of the game was a difficult win for Barcelona, ​​who kept their record unbeaten in the Primera Liga.

84 - Messi gives the advance to Barcelona from a free kick directly settled in the nets Pacheco who tried in vain.

72 - Barca 's pressure comes to an end after a remarkable effort from Iniesta, who came to the ball after a long shot from Suarez.

70 - Pacheco continues his excellent performances and succeeds in preventing Paulinho from adjusting the score.

68 - A special pass from Messi alone in the wake of Suarez goalkeeper Pacheco, who managed to take her to a corner.

- Five minutes into the second half, Valverde are making two changes to the starting lineup by involving Alba, Roberto, Simido and Dini.

- The end of the first half with the advance of Alaves and a bad level for Barcelona, ​​who found it very difficult to create opportunities and access to the areas of his guest.
42 - Messi shoots a superb free kick that was on the way to the goal before being intercepted by goalkeeper Alaves Pacheco.

- Half an hour after the start of the match, newly joined to Barcelona Felipe Coutinho is paying off strongly but his attempt to clash with the defense.

23. Gedetti invests vast territory in Barcelona's defense and gives Alaves a quick counter-attack.

- The match begins with the award of Uruguayan player of the month Luis Suarez.

At the Camp Nou stadium, Barcelona will be a candidate for their seventh victory in this season's Twalaya and 18th, as they face their injured guest, Alaves, who seems far from the possibility of repeating the scenario of September 10, 2016, when he beat the Catalan club in the last 2 - 1.

Barcelona rises up and kills the Elavis revolution

Barca managed to win a difficult and exciting victory at the expense of their hosts Alves 2-2 in the game they collected at Camp Nou in the 22nd round of the Spanish Premier League.

Barcelona continued their lead at the top of the Spanish league with 57 points, 11 points behind Atletico Madrid, closest rivals, while the balance of Alavish at 19 points in the seventeenth.

Barça's first half-time lead to a win was followed by great excitement and the two teams lost many chances, especially the hosts.

The Catalans were able to equal their 21-game no-loss record in the 2009-2010 season under Pep Guardiola.

The match saw the first appearance of Brazilian Felipe Coutinho, the newcomer from Liverpool before being replaced in the second half.

The start came from Alaves who almost scored in the 16th minute from Fred Hernan Perez, who passed on to his team mate but Terje Stegen saved the situation.

From a similar attack in the 23rd minute, Gedetti this time managed to score his first full-time Alaves from midfield before hitting Barcelona.

Barcelona continued to take possession of the game and almost had to score through Coutinho but the defense of the apache valiantly saved the ball to the corner.

Pacheco also took the lead in a dangerous free-kick from Lionel Messi to end the first half with a goal without a reply.

The second half was a weak start from Barcelona and, contrary to expectations, the Alaves had the advantage, and almost had to score on two occasions without the brilliant defense of the Catalan team.

Pacheco went back to save Luis Suarez in the 65th minute and took the ball to a corner. He then returned to save the most dangerous chances of the match from Paulinho three minutes later, followed by his teammate Dourri who kept the ball off the line.

Barca's recent breakthrough came through Luis Suarez, who scored the equalizer in the 72nd minute after hitting the cross with an iniesta cross from the left.

Suarez's goal is his eighth successive league championship and is the only player in the five major leagues to score that figure.

Ten minutes later Messi brought the situation back to normal after a superb free-kick hit Pacheco to put Barcelona ahead eight minutes from time.

In the 88th minute, the Avish players asked for a penalty after the ball hit Umberte of Barcelona in the penalty area, but the referee continued to play.

Pacheco was once again in the rescue of the last chance of the game after Messi broke through and dodged Alfaish defenders to pay back in the keeper's hand to end the game with the victory of Barcelona.

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