"Chelsea" and "Arsenal" tied in the semi-final of the League Cup

Chelsea tied Arsenal 0-0 on Wednesday in the FA Cup semi-final.
The standoff will be decided on January 24 when Arsenal host the return leg at home.

Manchester City, the league leaders, were on their way to the final by beating Bristol 2-1 at home to a late goal by Argentine striker Sergio Aguero.

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Chelsea and Arsenal are satisfied with a draw in the semi-final of the League Cup

Chelsea, with Arsenal at home in the Stamford Bridge game, drew 1-1 on Wednesday night in the English Premier League Cup semi-final.

Passive draw resolves #Chelsea and #Arsenal match in the semi-finals of the English League League Pro

"Blues" and "Gunners" were unable to exploit the opportunities they had during the first half and translated them into goals, ending in a goalless draw.

The Italian coach Antonio Conte and Frenchman Arsene Wenger continued to miss out on the second half.

Chelsea need to win or draw a draw in the return leg at the end of this month, January 24, at the Emirates Stadium to qualify for the final, while Arsenal are required to win any outcome to reach the final standoff.

Manchester City narrowly beat Bristol City 2-1 in the second leg of the semi-final at Al Ittihad.

Liverpool are the eight-team champions, with three titles for Manchester United, Aston Villa and Chelsea.
2018 sad Year on Chelsea and Arsenal .. Alnni participate in The League Cup draw 

Chelsea tied goalless at home to Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night in the first leg half of the English League for professional clubs Cup final.

Co Egyptian star Mohamed Elneny Arsenal midfielder in the second half to keep the score before the second leg.

Chelsea failed to win the first three games in the new year 2018, and this is what is happening for the first time in 25 years. As it is equal in the three confrontations.

The same is true for Arsenal, who drew two matches and lost one in their first game in 2018.

He played for Jack Wilshire in the 57th minute until the end of the game.

The return match will be held at Emirates Stadium on January 24.

The game has not seen opportunities except for heavy semi-private Alvaro Morata Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina hit the ball from the far right corner went through the floor of his hands down to the existing and went out.

Mohamed El Neni received a warning in the 86th minute after Murata blocked the goal against Arsenal.

Arsenal are set to face Bournemouth on January 14 in Round 23 of the Premier League.

Negative Derby ..Arsenal forced Chelsea to draw and the decision is postponed to the UAE

In a negative, goal-free summit, Chelsea were held to a goalless draw at home to Arsenal at the London derby,

Chelsea started the game with a basic form, with Antoni Conti playing the lead with Eddin Hazard, Alvaro Morata and Cesc Fabregas, with Cristiansen and Ruediger given the lead.

On the other hand, Arsenal lost to Massoud Ozil, who was completely out of the list, while Alexis Sanchez sat on the bench.

Chelsea dominated the game in the first half, but Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina saved two shots from Fabregas and Victor Moses.

Arsenal, who appeared to be playing on a draw, only launched some unsuccessful counter-attacks by Alex Aleoubi and Danny Welbeck.

The situation did not differ much in the second half, as Arsenal continued to maintain their defense, while Chelsea active offensive especially with the entry of Willian.

Coach Antonio Conte was keen to press for Arsenal's defenses, but Morata's toughness and Eddie Hazard's shaky level kept the situation as it was.

The result of the final of the CAARABO Cup Cup final will be postponed to the return match at Arsenal on 24 January.
Wenger watche Chelsea and Arsenal draw from the stands

LONDON (Reuters) - A draw against Chelsea and Chelsea in the semi-final of the English League Cup was held on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge.

Both teams were unable to score for the rest of the game, as their players missed their chances, especially from Chelsea, who were the most dominant players on the ball most of the time.

With this result, the final of the competition was postponed to the return match, which will be held at the Emirates Stadium, the stronghold of Arsenal on 24 of this month.

The winner of the match will meet in the final, which will be held at the Wembley Stadium in London, with the winner of the match against the other semi-final between Manchester City and Bristol City.

The game began with the pulse phase, which lasted for about a third of an hour, before the 21st minute saw the first opportunity in the match for Arsenal through Alexander Lakazetti, who received a pass forward only on the left but threw the ball away from the goal.

Chelsea responded with a quick strike in the 23rd minute with a shot through Nigerian star Victor Moses from inside the box, but Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina grabbed the ball twice.

Moses came back from the area in the 27th minute, taking the ball to the left of Ospina, which was barely pushed away before the defense moved away from the dangerous zone.

The game was quiet again, with both sides holding the ball but ineffectively on the goal, with the exception of a shot by Alex Ayoubi from inside the area in the 37th minute, led by Belgian goalkeeper Tibo Cortua, who was hit by Chelsea striker Cesc Fabregas. 45 minutes, but the ball went in the middle of the goal, to reach easy to the arms of Ospina and ends the first half with a draw.

The second half began with an intense attack from Chelsea, giving the first chance during this half to Andreas Christensen, who hit a header in the 49th minute, but the time went up the bar slightly.

Murata struck from the edge of the area in the 57th minute to the left of Ospina, who had a lookout.

Arsenal made their first switch in the 57th minute with Egyptian Mohamed Alneni replacing Jack Wilsher.

Murata went on a forward pass to kick the ball from the right and hit from inside, but the ball hit the left post and went into the net in the 60th minute.

Moises returned from the inside again, following a cross from the left in the 66th minute, but the ball hit the defense to make it into a corner that yielded nothing.

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte took his first turn in the 68th minute with Willyan instead of Danny Drencottre, while Arsenal made a second change to replace Alexis Sanchez instead of Lazazete.

Iyoubi missed an opportunity to open the scoring for Arsenal in the 72nd minute, when he received a forward pass, to kick the ball in the defense of the defenders of Chelsea, but he fired from the edge of the area a weak shot, the ball went easy in the hands of Kurtwa.

Willian fired a shot from outside the area in the 75th minute, to the left of Ospina, who held the ball firmly.

Chelsea were substituted by Timwi Bakayoko and Mitchi Patchway instead of Eden Hazard and Murata.

The left-footer also blocked Chelsea from scoring a goal in the 88th minute after a shot from inside the area by Fabregas.

Chelsea called for a penalty after Fabregas fell into the area by Danny Welbeck, but the referee ruled that the game continued and ended with a draw.
Analysis of 360 .. Two important ideas of the draw Arsenal and Chelsea!

The semi-final of the English League Cup between Arsenal and Chelsea ended in a 0-0 draw to postpone the draw to 23 January in the second leg at the Emirates Stadium.

The game knew some important points, most notably in this analysis.

1. Wenger was right not to rely on Alexis Sanchez basically. International Chile wants to leave. He simply no longer focuses on what Arsenal is trying to achieve. He is more preoccupied with his future, which he defines this month.

2. All eyes were on Murata after he lost 3 singles against Arsenal last week. The Spanish star It seems that what he lived in that meeting is not bad luck but a bad period passes by the player.

The draw against Chelsea defeated Arsenal at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup semi-final.

The Blues were the closest to scoring throughout the game, with a modest reaction from the visitors at some point in the game, ending the match with the home side losing the tie.

The draw will be postponed to the return match at the Emirates Stadium. The return match will take place on 24 January.

Manchester City are ahead of Bristol City in the second semi-final, and the draw will be postponed to 23 January.

Conte: Arsenal is lucky With a draw

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte spoke of the match between the Blues and Arsenal, which ended with a draw, for the semi-finals of the English League Cup semi-final.

"I think it would be better to win, 1/0 will be a good result, but the positive thing is that we have not received any goals," the Italian coach said.

"When you play in the semi-finals, it's very important that you do not get goals."

"We have to be decisive, otherwise we will not score if we continue this way. Arsenal are lucky to end in a draw. This is the second negative draw after the Norwich match. We have to improve."

"Everyone has to develop in exploiting opportunities, not Morata but also Christensen. Today he missed an easy opportunity and maybe another chance," he said.

"You need enough time to get used to it," said Conti. "In Italy, the same thing happened and they count for many minutes as an alternative time."

The League Cup system does not depend on the advantage of the goal off the field unless the extension of the game for additional runs.