"BARCELONA" Break ANOETA curse By 4 Goals in "SOCiEDAD", Suarez Lead

Barcelona beat Real Sociedad 2-1 to win four goals in the 19th round of the Spanish league.

Match HighLight & Goals

The hosts made it 2-0 through Willian Jose and Guanmi in the 11th and 34th minutes, before the Catalan giants responded by Paulinho, Luis Suarez (2) and Lionel Messi in the 39th, 50th, 71nd and 92nd minutes.

With the win, the Bulgarians continued to dominate the league table with 51 points, while Real Sociedad remain 15th with 23 points.

Barcelona lead them to sweep Sociedad fourth in the Spanish league

Spanish champions Barcelona continued their winning streak in the Primera Liga after turning the table at Real Sociedad and beating them 4-2 on Sunday in the 19th round of the Spanish league.

Real Sociedad scored two goals in the first half, with Villian Jose de Silva and Juan Miguel Jiménez in the 11th and 34th minutes respectively, before Barça scored their first goal in the 39th minute through Brazilian Paulinho. Real Sociedad advanced 2-0 -1 ».

But in the second half, Barca rallied and scored 3 goals, through Uruguayan Luis Suarez «two goals» and Argentine Lionel Messi, in the minutes 50, 71 and 85, respectively.

Barca, who won their fifth straight win in the competition, rose to 51 points in the Primera Liga, nine points behind Atletico Madrid and runners-up.

Suarez leads Barcelona to break the knot

The Barcelona team was late for a valuable win against Real Sociedad with four goals against my goal in the 19th round of the Spanish league.

Real Sociedad took the lead in the 11th minute with Willian de Silva, before Juan Lopez added the second goal in the 34th minute.

Before the whistle, Brazilian striker Paulinho managed to score a goal in the 39th minute.

Striker Luis Suarez equalized for Barcelona in the 50th minute, before the same player returned and scored the winner in the 71st minute.

Luis Suarez has scored 16 goals for Barca this season, scoring 13 goals and making 3 more in all competitions.

Five minutes later, Messi scored the fourth goal for Barcelona.

With this win, Barcelona won the score of 51, and became the third team in the history of Barcelona to score points with the end of the first round after 2012 - 2013 55 points and 2010 - 2011 when he scored 52 points.

Barcelona drops Real Sociedad with a four-point lead at the top of La Liga.

Barcelona beat Real Sociedad 4-1 in the 19th round of the Spanish Ligue 1 to continue their lead in the local league, while Sociedad remain 14th.

The team's four-team scorer, Paulinho Jr., and Luis Suarez scored twice and Lionel Messi scored while Real Sociedad, Willian Jose de Silva and Juan Miguel Khomez Lopez scored.

In the defense, Terje Stegen, Gerrard Pique, Jordi Alba, Thomas Vermaelen, midfielders Andre Gomez, Paulinho Jr., Ivan Rakic, Sergio Roberto and Sergio Busquets, and Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Barcelona bounce up against Sociedad in a quarter-final and break the Knot stadium in the Spanish league

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez scored two goals and made another one to lead Barcelona to a 2-0 defeat at Real Sociedad after a 2-0 home defeat at Real Madrid's Anuita Stadium on Sunday.

Barca, who have moved up to 51 points, are nine points clear of Atletico Madrid, while Sociedad have 23 points.

Wilian Jose opened the scoring for Suciedad in the 11th minute, while Juanmi added the second goal in the 34th minute.

Paulinho scored a goal in the 39th minute from Luis Suarez, who scored the second and third goals for the visitors in the 51st and 71st minutes.

Argentina's Lionel Messi wrapped up the Barcelona U-turn after scoring the fourth goal in the 85th minute with a superb free kick.

With that result, Barcelona ended the knot at the Anuita stadium, where the Catalans have been unable to win any league victory since May 5, 2007, when they won a white double.

Barcelona turn the tables on Sociedad by four in the Liga

Barcelona beat Real Sociedad 2-1 to win a 4-2 win on Sunday in the 19th round of the Spanish league.

Sociedad stunned the visitors with a 2-1 win over Willian Jose and Guanmi in the 11th and 34th minutes before Paulinho cut the score to Barca before the break.

At the start of the second half, Luis Suarez managed to equalize the score for the Bulls, before adding his second goal and the third for Barça in the 71st minute.

Five minutes before the end of the game, Messi managed to boost the Catalan team's lead by scoring the fourth goal, with Barça scoring for the first time in 10 years at Anuita Stadium in Allega. (Watch match goals from here)

With this result, Barcelona lifted their lead to 51 points, to continue to fly solo, while Sociedad stopped at 23 points in 15th place.

Barcelona came from far behind and a 2-2 win over Real Sociedad on Sunday in the 19th round of the Spanish league.

Brazilian striker Willian Jose de Silva opened the scoring for Real Sociedad in the 12th minute with a superb header in the left corner of Barcelona's Terre Stegen.

Striker Juan Miguel Khomez Lopez hit the home side in the 34th minute with a shot from inside the area. His shot hit Barcelona's Sergio Roberto, who was off the track and shot off goalkeeper Ter Stegen.

But Brazilian Paolinho narrowed the gap in the 39th minute after a cross by Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez from the left.

Luis Suarez came in the 50th minute and scored the equalizer for the Catalan side with a shot in the far right corner after a pass from fellow Argentine Lionel Messi.

Suarez not only equalized but put the Blaugrana in the lead by scoring his second personal goal and the third to his team by the 71st minute with a neat shot from inside the penalty area in the left corner nearby.

Lionel Messi finished the scoring with his fourth goal for the visitors in the 85th minute of a solid ball, from a distance.