"Arsenal" Qualified to The Final Over "Chelsea" The Premier League

Arsenal qualified for the FA Cup final after beating Chelsea 2-0 in the semi-finals. The visitors made their way through Eden Hazzard in the seventh minute, before the Gunners scored twice through Ruediger and Chaka in the 12th and 60th minutes.

Match Goals

The first leg at Stamford Bridge ended in a goalless draw. Arsenal and Premier League leaders Manchester City will face the final on February 25.

Arsenal defeats Chelsea and sets fire with City in the cup final

Manchester United qualified for the final of the FA Cup after defeating Chelsea 2-1 in the semi-finals.

The Arsenal squad saw the participation of Mohammed Al-Nini from the start of the match until the end, and succeeded in delivering outstanding performance.

The first half ended with a positive draw between the two teams. Hazard opened the scoring for Chelsea in the seventh minute, and then Chelsea defender Antonio Rodiger made a mistake when the header hit Monreal in the 12th minute.

In the second half Arsenal went back to scoring through midfielder Chaka after a defensive mistake from Chelsea in the penalty area in the 60th minute to end the match 2-1.

Arsenal to the English Cup final after beating Chelsea

Arsenal qualified for the FA Cup final with a 2-1 victory at home to Chelsea on Wednesday.

Arsenal opened the scoring in the seventh minute before Arsenal equalized in the 12th minute with Chelsea defender Antonio Rodiger making a mistake in the 12th minute. Swiss striker Granit Chaka scored the winner's goal in the 60th minute.

The first leg ended in a goalless draw, with Arsenal qualified to meet Manchester City in the final at Wembley Stadium on the twenty-fifth of next month.

"Chance" leads Arsenal to overthrow Chelsea and face City in the final of the League Cup

Arsenal make it to the English League Cup final with a thrilling win over Chelsea
Arsenal managed to qualify for the English Club League Cup final, "Carabao Cup" after beating Chelsea 2-1 in the semi-final at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal played the game and needed a win to climb, with a 0-0 draw at the Blues.

However, Chelsea started the most dominating game, grabbing things and was close to scoring in more than one chance.

After an unmarked goal from Pedro from a header, Eddin Hazard scored the first goal in the seventh minute.

The visitors did not take long for the lead, with Antonio Rodriguez scoring the equalizer for Arsenal in a strange ball that hit him and his teammate Marcus Alonso in the 12th minute.

Chelsea continued to dominate even after a draw by Arsenal but could not reach goalkeeper David Ospina.

In the second half, the Gunners' performance improved thanks to the brilliance of the Granit Chaka trio, Mohamed El Neni and Massoud Ozil, to dominate the game.

Indeed, from the ball accidentally went to the Chaka granite inside the box, Swiss scored the winning goal for Arsenal in the 60th minute.

Attempts continued later between the two teams, but the situation continued as it was, with Alex Ayoubi refusing to add the third goal to lose him outright in the last quarter of an hour.

Arsenal will meet Manchester City in the final at Wembley in mid-February.

With participation Nanny .. Arsenal deflect Chelsea from the "trophy" and face "City" in the final

The match between Arsenal and Chelsea ended in the second leg of the English League Cup (Karabao), with Arsenal winning 2-1.

Eden Hazard opened the scoring for Chelsea 7 minutes after a pass from Pedro.

In the 12th minute, Arsenal equalized after Anthony Rodiger scored the wrong goal.

Granit Chaka then added Arsenal's second goal in the 60th minute after a cross from Lazazette.

Arsenal won the final against Manchester City, who went up against Bristol City.

It is worth mentioning that Egyptian international Mohammed Al Nini participated in the minutes of the game in full.