"Malaysia" Terminate "Saudi-Arabia" From AFC U-23 Championship

The Iraqi team punished Jordan for its results in the first two stages and qualified the leader of the third group at the time of the Saudi team lost by Malaysia.

"Malaysia" GOAL IN "Saudi-Arabia"

Iraq and Malaysia both beat Jordan and Saudi Arabia with the same result 1-0 on Tuesday in the third round of Group C of the AFC U-23 Championship.

Iraq qualified as a champion of the group with seven points with Malaysia, which took Saudi Arabia and qualified in front of them with four points at a time when the teams of Jordan and Saudi Arabia only two points.

Iraq's goal on Jordan was Bashar Bunyan (49) in a game that saw a lot of missed opportunities on both sides. Jordan left the tournament after defeating Saudi Arabia in the first round (2-0 up to 5 minutes) and Malaysia ).

At the same time, Malaysia managed to make one of the biggest surprises of the tournament by overtaking Saudi Arabia with Mohammed Daniel.