UEFA Champions League Review: Lyon Vs Real Madrid

Following a conspicuous handball by a Lyon protector that the refs neglected to call, Jose Mourinho made the undeniable substitution and chose to take out Emmanuel Adebayor, who was playing as Genuine Madrid's solitary (and to a great degree inadequate) striker, and put Karim Benzema on the field. Ozil and Benzema at that point constrained the ball from a Lyon player, Ozil go to Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo passed it to Benzema. Benzema at that point declined to give the ball to anybody, on either group, ran parallel to the objective, and let go of an all around pointed strike that cruised into the back corner of Lyon's objective, of his previous group's objective.

Karim Benzema has five objectives in this UEFA Champions Alliance. Genuine Madrid all of a sudden felt like they had the win. Until that objective, which came in the 66th moment, RM and Olympique Lyonnais were at each other's throats amid the Round of 16 experience yesterday at the Stade de Gerland. There were solid kicks and contentions, and physical play was in wealth.

The match should be RM's requital after Lyon, a minnow that scarcely made it onto RM's guide last season, figured out how to crush RM in the Round of 16 tie of a year ago's UEFA Champions Class. What's more, when Karim Benzema, a previous Lyon player, went ahead and demonstrated Fiorentino Perez, RM's leader, right, RM felt like the win was theirs. All of a sudden, Ozil was subbed out for Marcelo, one of RM's most finished appraised players, a protective left wing whose resistance is poor to the point that he went on yesterday as a midfielder. That ought to have been a flag, since it implied that Mourinho, RM's head mentor, was going for a win big or bust win.

Recently, while seeing this match, I composed that RM's greatest blame is its certainty. Along these lines, when they went into hard and fast assault mode, following a hour of having what it takes Lyon's qualities and shortcomings, and of playing against Lyon with deference, and after deferentially scoring an objective against Lyon, I got somewhat stressed. In the event that a framework was working and on the off chance that plainly Genuine Madrid could score against Lyon without going full scale, and if Lyon ought to have been the one to assault, being around one objective, why was Genuine Madrid all of a sudden propelling its lines a tad? And after that, obviously, it would be a foul by Marcelo, a standout amongst the most finished appraised players. Obviously, the objective would originate from a free kick following a doltish and reckless foul by Marcelo.

Gomis scored Lyon's objective in the 83rd moment. One moment later, Marcelo lost the ball again and it would have been an extremely risky play, once more, for Genuine Madrid had it not been for blind luckiness that the group won the ball back. Genuine Madrid proceeded with its assaults for the rest of the match however the draw was there. They hold an away objective preferred standpoint over Lyon yet should they lose by 1-0 in Madrid on Walk 16, that away objective won't be worth in particular.

As Lyon appeared all through the match, they are up to scoring against Genuine Madrid and know how to assault the Spanish mammoths from the wings and to utilize the counter-assault viably. Lamentably for Lyon, they squandered the greater part of the principal half with tasteless assaults that were once in a while debilitating for objective guardian Iker Casillas. The match in Madrid will be an intriguing one, given the way that the main leg was, up until this point, a standout amongst the most equitably coordinated and energizing matches of the whole Round of 16. In any case, Genuine Madrid will realize that they have now gone seven matches without crushing Lyon and that they had triumph in their grasp, and afterward they discarded it. Lyon may very well progress (once more).