SpaceX Iridium 4 Launch

A strange body shone in the night sky stirred a stir among Los Angeles residents, prompting traffic to stop just before Christmas.

According to the Metro site, more than 100 people told police there was a strange object in the sky, some feared it was a space invasion.

The American star "Lana De Ray" posted a video through her account on Facebook showing the UFO flare in the air, which raised the confusion and fear of the population.

But it soon became clear that the UFO was a SpaceX 9 rocket from Space V after it was launched from the Vandenberg air base.

Falcon 9 rocket launch

SPACE X, the US company, Friday evening, a rocket "Falcon 9" from California, loaded with 10 communications satellites, as reported by the site, "Sky News Arabia."

According to media reports, the American company achieved a record, Friday, as the launch is the 18th year of this year.

Earlier, four attempts to launch the missile failed, and the company made several efforts to overcome technical obstacles to send Falcon 9 into space.

The satellites were successfully deployed, and the last satellite was placed in its position, one hour and 12 minutes after the launch at 5 pm 27 minutes.

With the success of the latest launch, SpaceX has completed half of a deal, with 75 Iridium Communications satellites to a low orbit.

SpaceX, the first successful launch, took place this year on 14 January, followed by subsequent operations on 25 June and other dates.

Videos circulating on social networking sites showed the famous rocket, which shatters space, toward the top, arousing a wave of curiosity among the watchers.

Some social platform enthusiasts thought it was a space creature or nuclear power 

SpaceX Iridium 4 Launch from Alhambra, CA

A strange glare in America's skies surprises viewers. The story of astronomy, which seemed like a science fiction, foreshadows a new phase of space invasion

People were shocked on the west coast of the United States, having seen in the sky a strange alien mutant glowing in the darkness of the night, on Friday 22 December 2017.

It seemed like a science fiction, but it turned out not to have been a potential space invasion or a sudden North Korean attack. It was the impact of a rocket for space technology company SpaceX, which transmits satellites to Earth orbit, according to a CNN report. "The American.

The rocket was launched from Vandenberg airbase in central California, sparking a wave of surprise among social networking users across the state.

"A spacecraft from North Korea is coming," wrote SpaceMax CEO Alon Masc.

The cause of the strange glare

The fact that this cloud or strange glare was due to the confluence of the rocket exhaust with cold air.

According to meteorologist Marshall Shepard, "Water vapor in the exhaust of the rocket engine is directly exposed to very cold temperatures at high altitude, and the low heat and exhaust impurities are the appropriate mixture to make that cloud," pointing out that it is exactly like what the planes do when flying in the sky.

Friday's launch was the 18th and final in 2017, which made SpaceX the world's most private rocket company.

The mission of the rocket was to connect 10 satellites to the low Earth orbit of a company called Iridium, changing its massive satellite network. The satellites will be used to transport communications services and track aircraft, as well as other tasks.

Return to Earth again

He took advantage of the clamor created by Friday's scene to announce the next big move by SpaceX, an experimental launch of its new massive rocket, the Falcon Hevey. Which will be launched in January 2017.

"If you like the launch tonight, you'll certainly love Falcon Hefei next month: three rocket axes, three times bigger thrusts, two Al Qaeda trajectories, simultaneous simultaneous aerial reviews, and third to the floating missile platform."

To avoid this, the "rocket axes" refer to the boosters at the base of the rocket, which gives the rocket the initial propulsion to take off. The goal of SpaceX specifically is to direct those boosters back to earth, landing safely down to reuse in future missions.

The Falcon Hefei 3 has boosters, more than the current SpaceX V Falcon 9, with Mezzen, and SpaceX will try to recover all of these boosters.

The floating missile platform is a ship sent by SpaceX to the ocean to capture boosters 

A new stage in the invasion of space

The reuse of the equipment is part of the SpaceSpace plan to reduce the cost of space travel, a goal that the company is very close to achieving. It has successfully landed missiles on 20 different occasions.

It should be noted that a rocket on Friday, which aroused the world's attention, was not planned to fall. Because Iridium's cargo was very heavy, they had to use every fuel point to launch and propel it, so there was nothing left to return the rocket to Earth. So let the rocket burn in the atmosphere.