See how "Messi" Took Off His Shoes in The Classico at Close

Watch a special camera reveals how Messi took off his shoes in Clasico match


Without a shoe, Barcelona's Lionel Messi made his third goal against Real Madrid during the Clasico Liga match, which ended with a 3-0 victory over Al Barsa.

Messi lost his right shoe due to Marcelo's intervention, but he completed the ball and crossed the crossbar to Alex Vidal who scored the third goal.

And spread through the means of social communication many of the views that demand that the goal should not be counted for illegality.

However, according to Fifa regulations, when a player loses his shoes, he must recover him as soon as possible, but if the game continues and the player scored or scored, the goal is calculated normally.

In a nice shot, the camera lenses captured a picture of Barcelona star Lionel Messi making his team's third goal without shoes. He fell off after Real Madrid's Marcelo intervened, but completed the attack and passed the ball to Vidal.

Messi led Barcelona to a 3-0 win over Real Madrid on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu in the 17th round of the Spanish league.

In the same context, Zinedine Zidane, the technical director of Real Madrid, confirmed that his team deserves the loss he received from Barcelona in the Alcásico with a score of 3/0.

"We made a good first step, but the second goal with Karfakhl's dismissal was the return mission," Zidane said in televised comments after the match. He stressed that his team will not give up after the loss, saying: "Allega has not been resolved yet."

"We have to use the pause to improve our level, the team did not appear the way I wanted to."

Barcelona, ​​after winning the Clasico, reached 45 points, 14 points behind Real Madrid, while Atletico Madrid are second with 36 points and Valencia are third with 34 points.