Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Accused Of Cheating On Him Again

Cristiano Ronaldo's gathered current sweetheart, a skilled performer and excellent model, has been blamed for undermining the Manchester Joined star again - this time with another Prevalence footballer.

Gemma was seen at the end of the week with Wigan Athletic new-kid Marcus Twisted, having a good time at an English amusement stop. As indicated by witnesses, the match gave off an impression of being exceptionally upbeat together, taking heaps of photos of one and other and notwithstanding soliciting different individuals from people in general to take a few pictures of them as well.

This scarcely appears to be reasonable on Cristiano Ronaldo, however it was never extremely formally reported that he and Gemma Atkinson were a couple. In spite of the fact that Gemma had conceded she was dating Ronaldo live on Sky Games program Soccer AM, the thought was dismissed by Cristiano Ronaldo's own mom, and there is no genuine proof or photos that demonstrate the combine as a thing.

Only a couple of months back it was claimed that Gemma was having an unsanctioned romance on Cristiano with Home and Away performing artist Check Furze. Not long after this, Ronaldo was spotted kissing Bolywood on-screen character Bipasha Basu. In any case, after these two occurrences it was evident that Ronaldo was all the while dating Atkinson regardless of the announced occasions.

In any case it gives the idea that this time around, Gemma and Cristiano may not be a couple any longer. Another photo was as of late discharged demonstrating Gemma Atkinson having a good time out clubbing with Marcus Twisted - coming not long after she was spotted at Chessington amusement stop, again with Prevalence striker Bowed.

It is trusted that Gemma had officially said a final farewell to beau Cristiano Ronaldo, after she was met on Channel 4's T4 on the shoreline program, where she made the confirmation that she is never again dating the skilled Man Utd midfielder. This news is certain to bring a grin to about each young lady around the globe, who all fantasy of one day dating the Portuguese star.

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