The judgment Of The destroyer "Ain Setif" (Naked) Statue

On Wednesday, the depositor of the statue of Ain al-Fawara in Setif governorate was placed under provisional detention on the order of an investigating judge at the Setif court.

The examining magistrate ordered that the accused be placed in provisional custody until the judicial experience was carried out in order to ascertain his mental integrity after not relying on the medical file.

One citizen climbed the Ain al-Fawara statue and broke part of it with the cries of citizens before the police intervened to arrest him.

On the order of an investigating judge at the Court of Setif, the detainee of the Ain al-Fawara statue in the state of Setif was today incarcerated

The stone monument is one of the most important features of the city of Setif, located atop a fountain built in 1898 by the French sculptor "Francis de Saint Vidal".

Ain Al Fawara attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country to enjoy the fresh water.

Video Of The incident

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Final judgment of the accused (p. Abbas) after the Sittif incident
The sculptor of the statue of Ein Foureh was ruled by Bastif (the naked woman).

The prosecutor of the Setif court on Wednesday decided to turn the 34-year-old plaintiff, who is accused of vandalizing the statue of Ein Fouara in Setif, into the hospital's mental hospital in the Ottoman Valley for treatment.

According to Al-Khobar, the trial appointed a mental health expert to determine the safety of mental forces after breaking parts of the eye of the famous fountain in downtown Setif

The experience of the defendant confirmed his mental disability 100 percent and his lack of awareness of the actions he carried out