Manchester City make it to the semi-finals over Leicester City

Manchester City drew 1-1 against Leicester City in a game that brought the two teams to the Wakers Stadium in the FA Cup quarterfinals.

Manchester City's Bernardo Silva scored the first goal against Leicester City in the 26th minute, while Leicester drew Jamie Farde 95 minutes into the game.

With this result, the two teams go to extra time to qualify.

Match Highlights & Goals

Manchester City continued their successful tour of all tournaments and managed to qualify for the English Premier League Cup semi-finals after beating Leicester 4-3 on penalties after the end of the game with a draw in the Wizards Stadium.

Manchester City's first goal came through Bernardo Silva in the 26th minute, before Jimmy Vardi grabbed a fatal draw for Lester in the 97th minute, before the two teams went on a penalty kick, which she smiled for Manchester City.

Guardiola made several key players during the match, preferring to push the bench in front of Leicester before facing Bournemouth next Saturday.