A message from Ronaldo to Barcelona and the other resolves the controversy

After Real Madrid won the Club World Cup for the second time in a row, Cristiano Ronaldo said he hoped Barcelona would receive a "guard of honor" in the 23-month-old clash.

"It would be nice if they took this step," he said in a television interview.

It is remarkable that this is the second time that the "Classico Earth" has been seen immediately after the Real won the FIFA Club World Cup. Last season, after the title win in Japan, Al Barsa ignored the subject. Even after the Real Madrid, Champions League and European Super Cup, The two teams in the Spanish Super Cup last August.

In retrospect, Valencia was the "honor guard" of Real in January 2015 and Real Betis did the same for Barca in the following season.

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish champions Barcelona have settled controversy over a pre-Spanish Primera Liga match on Saturday after reports of an honorary standoff by the Catalans in honor of the arch-winner of the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi a few days ago.
The director of relations in Barcelona, ​​Guillermo Amor, that his team will not perform that honor, according to the newspaper "Marka".

Amor said that "the honorable stand is implemented when we win in the domestic league or in the Champions of Europe, and not that."

The Barcelona manager's comments may not seem to be surprising given the events between the two teams last August. Real Madrid had just crowned the European super-title, while the Barcelona players did not play an honorary stand before the next game at Camp Nou in the Spanish Super Cup.

The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, on Friday, expressed his desire for an honorary stand by the Barcelona players, in honor of his team.

"It would be nice for Barça to give us a moment of honor," he said.

The passageway is the stand of one of the teams on two sides and applause, in honor of the opposing team, whose players pass between the ranks of the opposing team.